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Want to Get Organized?

Clutter creates chaos and city life leaves little time for organizing. After a thorough clean out, we can implement systems to prevent reoccurring issues and help our clients gain control over their space.

Ask Ann: Is This The Worst You’ve Ever Seen?

Don’t let your shame and discomfort prevent you from decluttering and getting organized! Almost every organizing and decluttering job begins with the client saying, “is this the worst you’ve ever seen?” The answers is always “not even close.” We once worked in an apartment which was stacked floor to ceiling with tiny paths through the […] Read more…

How Are You Surviving Winter?

Tips for Surviving Winter

Got the winter blues? It’s not your fault. Winter’s freezing temperatures and early sunsets can make us feel unmotivated, overwhelmed, and longing for spring. In this state of mind, it can be difficult to muster up the energy to get organized. But never fear! Kate and Ann aren’t just efficiency experts and professional organizers. They […] Read more…

I Just Deleted (Almost) Everything On My Computer and I am A New Woman, Or, 4 Things You Can Do to DeClutter Your Hard Drive

In the past week, a dialogue window has popped up on my laptop screen no less than 20 times. “Your start up disk is almost full. You need to make space on your computer by deleting files.” Oh, the humanity. Full disclosure, for a humble employee of a professional organizer, my computer practices aren’t that […] Read more…

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