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No matter the size of your pantry; walk-in, stand alone or a cabinet like Kate’s, you can make it work with careful systems.

And though it may be hard to believe, when it comes to pantries, bigger is not always better. As humans, we have a need to fill empty spaces and when food is involved that can lead to a lot of waste.

If your pantry is small, your biggest obstacle will be fitting everything you need into the space. Consider getting rid of as much extra packaging as possible. In this case, some stackable clear bins may be a great solution for you because you’ll be able to utilize every inch of vertical space.

If you have a large pantry, visibility is going to be your top priority. With extra space, food that isn’t used immediately will get shoved to the back and will end up lost, forgotten and ultimately tossed in the trash. Larger bins that can be pulled out like drawers with labels are a great way to keep your categories together and ensure that food gets used up before you buy more.