Done & Done Home is a professional organizing and decluttering business. Whether getting ready to put your home on the market, managing an estate, preparing to move, or just in need of a thorough clear out – we handle it all.

There comes a time when even the most capable people need help organizing their homes. It could be a large and complicated move, an inherited estate, a desire to reduce overall clutter, or just a big and busy family life. This is where we come in.

Done & Done Home is a team of women who understand how challenging life can be. With energy, compassion, efficiency, and a sense of humor, we take our clients from the dread of tackling the stuffed filing cabinets, the packed kitchen shelves, the drawers overflowing with clothes to living in order and calm.

After reducing clutter in your home by conducting a thorough clean-out, we implement systems to prevent reoccurring issues and help you get control of the problem that’s controlling you. You not only get organized, you stay organized.

We also specialize in helping realtors get apartments on the market and overseeing movers – leave us in charge and come home at the end of your work day with everything put away, pictures on the walls, and flowers in a vase!

From the Owning Well Blog

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Tricks of the Trade: Save Money on Moving by Decluttering

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