Happy Earth Day!

Charitable Thinking

California coastline with purple flowers

A Celebration

So often the news about the environment is negative, discouraging and downright scary. It seems like every day there is another story about poor air quality, deforestation or an animal going extinct. And while we 100% acknowledge the importance of such informative articles, this Earth Day we want to celebrate the good news. We want to share some improvements that are being made, acknowledge companies that are making an impact and give a shout out to individuals who are bringing awareness to the need for change.

Good News

In this article from goodnewsnetwork.org, you can read about the best environmental stories from 2018. If you’re looking for some hopeful news, we highly recommend reading it. Many of the articles pertain to the elimination of single use plastics or possible alternatives that are becoming available.

a brightly colored coral reef in celebration of earth day
A process called micro fragmenting may save coral reefs!

Good Companies

This is an issue that is near and dear to our hearts because we’re trying really hard to stop using any kind of single use plastics in our own homes. One product we love and is helping us tremendously is beeswax wraps. They eliminate the need for plastic wrap to store food and are a great tool to utilize. We particularly like Bee Wild. Their company is based in the US and fantastically, they donate 100% of profits to charities dedicated to saving bees!

sunlight in a green forest
Volunteers in India planted 65 million trees in 12 hours!

Another company that we love is Wild Minimalist. They have a huge variety of eco friendly products for the kitchen, for cleaning and for self care. (Biodegradable band-aids? Who knew?!) And while we love their commitment to the planet, we’ll also admit to loving their aesthetic. Their line of wooden brushes will take your cleaning routine to the next level.

Good People

Because we’re a female-owned business, we love seeing other women find success in their respected fields. And when it comes to the environment, a success for one person is a success for all of us. In this article from A Mighty Girl, you can learn about 15 women who made the environment their mission. From Dian Fossey and Jane Goodall dedicating their lives to primates, to Kate Sessions and Winona LaDuke educating all of us on the importance of land conservation, this list of amazing women is well worth a read!

wind power turbines
Portugal generated enough renewable energy to power the country for an entire month!

Make Every Day Earth Day

We love Earth Day for the fact that it brings awareness to the importance of protecting our planet. But we hope that in the future, Earth Day will be a celebration of all the amazing ways humans changed their habits and turned a crisis into a victory!