closet1“I just signed a contract for the sale of my house yesterday. There was a bidding war, and the place is being sold for more than 5% over asking! Many thanks for your expertise and coordination to get my home sale-ready. You made such a difference for the selling price and my peace of mind!”

“We are not even finished with “Part 1″ of my parents’ home yet, and I am already so grateful that I don’t even have the words to thank you. The amount that has been accomplished this week has been extraordinary. You all do what you do with such ease. Somehow, you have turned what was a tremendous emotional and physical burden into a positive experience—I know there is more to go—but taking a minute to look back at the week, I feel so very grateful, that I just had to write. Thank you for all you are doing, and for how you are doing it. I can’t imagine how I would be able to do this without you.”

“I was literally (for real) just typing an email to you and your Mom! It basically was saying how amazing and HELPFUL I thought the two of you were, not to mention how much fun I had these past two days. Thank you so much for all of your help. Even though I moved into this apartment a couple of months ago, I feel as if I am finally settled. So thank you very, very, VERY much for that. The kids are so happy too; both have been in their rooms playing with toys they did not realize they had! ”

“I take recommendations very seriously; after all, why write about a team that did what they were paid to do? But what about those that perform beyond your expectations? That’s Done & Done Home—way beyond our wildest expectations. They were conscientious, compassionate, and as professional as I’ve ever seen them come. It does indeed take a village and Done & Done knew the entire village, except the idiot. Boxes were delivered, movers, electricians, handymen, and junk removers were all contacted. Everyone was there, willing to help. All of their contacts were punctual, and extremely helpful. They staged the apartment beautifully and it was show-ready within four days. We could not have done it without them; their name says it all. Done & Done.”

“The ladies of Done & Done are fantastic. In two and a half days they oversaw cleaning out my mother-in-law’s house—going through years of “stuff” in closets and drawers; reviewing what should be kept, thrown away, donated; and then seeing that it was DONE, THEN. If you have ever done this alone, you know what an overwhelming job it is. They not only accomplished this feat, but made it bearable and fast for my husband and me—and they are delightful people to work with; they became friends. They are the best!”

index (30)“I just wanted to let you know your services have been outstanding and greatly appreciated. Your professional teamwork and your ability to work quickly and efficiently made it possible to close an estate right on schedule. On a personal level I told my brothers, when I keel over…call Done & Done. Thank you!”  – Realtor

“The one thing I have dreaded my entire adult life is the thought of clearing out my family home of nearly fifty years. What was always considered a nightmare, turned out to be so easy and, dare I say it, enjoyable, because of the two women of Done & Done. There are no words to describe their remarkable talent, energy and joyful attitude. As we sat there amidst so many years of junk and memories, these women managed to clean up the entire 4-bedroom home in no time. When I had developed enough confidence in them, I let them clear out a bathroom while I was out. When I came back they had saved a ribbon my dog had won 40 years earlier. I couldn’t believe they had the good judgment to keep that. Their job is grimy, arduous and not for most people. Yet, somehow, these two showed up smiling every day and acted as if getting on their hands and knees and pulling out dust-covered remains was a joy. Let them start with a closet or a drawer, but let them start with something. By the time that closet is done, you’ll be begging them to clear their schedule for you.”

“When my mother died after a long illness she left a lovely home which we knew would need to be placed on the market for the spring selling season. While the house was filled with pretty antiques and the warmth of home, it was also filled with stuff that needed to be weeded out. The task was overwhelming. Done & Done came to the house, took a look around, and laid out a plan. I immediately felt their energy and optimism and willingness to work hard. I was also impressed with their contacts – movers, repair people, people who would get rid of unwanted stuff – all of whom were insured and able to work in our high end building. Done & Done Home were efficient and hard working and I would highly recommend them.”

“I would say that it has been a rare day that has gone by without my thinking of you and of the miracles you created as only you could have done. We are eternally appreciative and grateful for the fun we had spending that time with you. When I think of the many such profoundly bonding experiences you and your Done & Done colleagues must be creating on a constant basis with your clients (who can’t help but become friends) I am in awe. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wise and helpful decisions, hard work, and great good cheer along the way.”