Kate Pawlowski – Founding Partner

Kate always loved to organize and perfected her de-cluttering skills on her childhood friends’ bedrooms, but it wasn’t until her early twenties that she realized she could get paid to do it. After graduating from college, she was hired by a family friend to manage the move of a five-story townhouse to another state. Kate soon realized that her direct questions about her first client’s belongings were really questions about why we keep things even if they don’t work for us. Kate’s training in psychology allowed her to understand the deep-seated reasons why people hold on to possessions even when they cause problems, and realized this might be the seed for a business idea. After booking her second job and realizing she couldn’t do it alone, she called in the person who had taught her everything she knew about organizing—and life in general—her mom, Ann. And so Done & Done Home was formed. Kate holds a BA in Psychology from The New School and is a graduate of The Nightingale-Bamford School on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Ann Lightfoot – Founding Partner

Born and raised in the Midwest, Ann is an eternal optimist with an endless interest in the human experience. After returning to New York after nine years in London, she started her own company, A Better Birth, and worked for five years as a doula in New York, alleviating expectant mothers’ fears and supporting them during pregnancy and the labor process. Her experience in shepherding clients through times of stress and great life change makes the emotional side of organizing work second nature to her. Always comforted by an organized home, Ann was thrilled when her daughter, Kate, called for help with an decluttering and inventory job. As one job followed another, their business was born. Ann works closely with all clients and her attention to their life stories and experiences with organization has lead Done & Done Home to have a nearly perfect hire rate after in-person consultations. Ann Lightfoot holds an MFA from The New School and a BA from Loyola University. She is a proud grandma to Kate’s son, James.



Blandy Coty

Blandy Coty grew up in Manhattan and now lives in Greenwich, CT. After a career that started in the fashion and design industry doing sales and marketing for fifteen years, she moved on to pursue philanthropic interests and most recently assisted non-profits in meeting their financial goals. Throughout her professional life, Blandy had an ongoing interest in home design and organization. She joins Done & Done Home as a team member specializing in home styling. After a clear out and reorganization of remaining belongings, Blandy will be available to help our clients transform their now de-cluttered homes into stylish spaces that reflect their individual sense of home. Her impeccable organization skills and fantastic sense of design makes her a valuable addition to the Done & Done Home team. Blandy holds a BA in Art History from Georgetown University. She attended The Brearley School and graduated from The Spence School in Manhattan.

Patty Grunebaum 

Patty was born and raised in Manhattan, graduated from the Calhoun School in New York City and received a BA from Hamilton College with a major in Art History and minor in French. Upon graduating from college, Patty began working at Sotheby’s Auction House splitting her time between catalog production and sales promotion and later as the Director of Advertising. After a career that took her from J. Crew to Giorgio Armani, Coach to Mark Cross, Patty moved to Bedford with her husband and three children where she worked for Papo d’Anjo. A true expert when it comes to balancing work, family and being an active participant in community life, Patty finds time for Done and Done alongside volunteering on the Parents committees of Rippowam Cisqua School in Bedford, St. George’s School in Newport, RI and Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. She is currently Vice President of the Rusticus Garden Club in Bedford.

Macky Henesey

Macky Henesey was born and raised in Seal Beach, California. She grew up playing competitive tennis, swimming, running and was a recruited field hockey player at UC Davis. When the beaches beckoned she returned to southern California to graduate with a degree in Psychology from Cal State Long Beach. She then ventured east to begin a career in public relations and advertising in Washington, DC. She met her husband Mike there and they moved shortly thereafter to New Canaan, CT where they’ve lived and raised their three children over the last 25 years. Macky has organized her home, her three kids rooms (repeatedly!), countless dorm rooms and parts of many friends home. Macky has volunteered extensively and her work has spanned from the New Canaan Garden Club to the Waveny Care Center to National Charity League.  Professionally she’s taken on the reorganization of a filing system in a law firm’s Westchester County office. Having organized everything from lace to lawsuits there’s not much that intimidates this one!

Meri MacEacheron

Meri was born and raised in Westfield, NJ. After graduating from Lafayette College with a BA in English she moved to San Francisco where she met her husband, Darby. They married and settled in Oakland, CA and had two children Max and Margaux. Though her career has been in advertising, most recently for, her passion has always been organization, interior design and real estate.  She went to open houses with her mom as a young kid just for fun. In 2014, Meri and her family moved back to Westfield, NJ to be closer to family. For the move, Meri de-cluttered, packed and staged their home in Oakland, CA which helped expedite the sale and raised the value of the home. She has always enjoyed helping friends and family with organizing and offering design ideas for their remodels. She has designed and managed three bathroom renovations, an attic remodel and a bonus room remodel in her own home. The things she loves most are entertaining her family and friends, and cooking and eating yummy food!

Emilie Stoll

Emilie Stoll is a born and bred New Yorker. She received her BA in Dance from Connecticut College in 2017. Along with organizing her body in space, Emilie has always sought out organizational outlets. The messier the job, the more satisfying the end result, there is no project too daunting. Emilie also enjoyed studying Human Development and French, both deepening her passion for people and culture. She took a semester off in the fall of her junior year to live on her own and dance in Paris, France. Her time away gave her the project of creating her own space within someone else’s “very eclectic” home. She acknowledged at the time, and to this day, that everyone has their own way of living, and though she herself is a minimalist, she finds satisfaction in not only taking on organizational projects, but also listening, and allowing a narrative to continue to exist.

Sloan Beverburg

Sloan, an avid organizer complete with OCD tendencies according to her friends, grew up in Arkansas where she started her “career” as four-year-old rearranging the family closets. She left Arkansas for Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas where she received a B.S. in Speech Communication with a Minor in Art History. After working in Finance in San Francisco, Sloan transferred to the New York office of the same firm. Uninspired by finance she changed direction and went back to school for Interior Design. She is a graduate of the Parsons School of Design and the mother of a curious, vivacious five-year-old son. They currently live in Jersey City, NJ.

Dane Towell

Dane, a LEED-certified Interior Designer is a Washington, DC native who grew up overseas, moving every 2-4 years, because her family was in the US Foreign Service. She notoriously rearranges rooms and contents wherever she goes—from hotel rooms to friend’s apartments. She is a graduate of Parsons School of Design and The Colorado College and has lived in San Francisco, New York and Chicago as an adult. She is devoted to her 100-lb lab rescue, Huck, who is 8 1/2 years old and a consummate snacker. She speaks French and Spanish.


Erin Gustafson

Erin grew up with a father who labeled the shelves in the refrigerator and a mother who kept the house spotless while raising 10 happy kids.  You could say that organizing is in her DNA. If you invite her to your house and you’re willing to let her look inside your cabinets, she’ll reorganize them in a New York minute.  As a professional organizer she has a gift for seeing solutions fast. She has worked with clients of all ages and stages of life—upsizing, downsizing, reorganizing homes for grace and simplicity. She’s thrilled to be on the team of Done and Done, and ready to help you reclaim your space.

Ann is thrilled to welcome Erin to the Done & Done team. Who would’ve known that a friendship that started 45 year ago at St Norbert’s in Northbrook, IL would result in professional collaboration all these years later.

Mary Beth Bletsas

Mary Beth also comes to Done and Done through Ann. They are old family friends who go back to their childhoods in Northbrook, IL. Ann saw Mary Beth’s decorating website and emailed her to say how impressive it was. They realized they could refer each other business but in the course of discussing their love of all things related to home, Mary Beth offered to help with the launch of the Chicago team. Mary Beth’s training and background is in advertising. Her favorite aspect of that career, finding creative solutions to concrete problems, carries over seamlessly to organizing and decorating. She thrives on the challenge of taking on new perspectives which each different project and loves collaborating with clients. It makes her immensely happy to help people create homes that improve the quality of their everyday lives and she hopes to make the world a little more beautiful in the process.

Honor Adam

Honor has had a passion for organizing and decorating since she was a young girl.  Coming from a large family (the youngest of 7), Honor always made sure their home was very neat and orderly with everything in it’s place.  It became more rewarding when she started preparing her own home for her two daughters.  As she’s grown older, her love for organizing and decorating has become prevalent in her everyday life.  Not only does she love to decorate her own home, but helping her friends and family create an elegant space of their own is very rewarding for her. Honor is a Chicago native with 18 years of experience working for a home furnishing store in which she helps people make their homes look and feel beautiful. She graduated college from Loyola University in Chicago.

Katie Hammond

Up until 2 years ago, Katie had an entire plastic bin full of all the letters and cards she had ever received. This was one of many boxes that she repeatedly moved from home to home, but rarely opened or enjoyed. Last year, determined to make the most of her spring cleaning, Katie dedicated hours to reading through each letter and card. Ultimately, she ended up with one ziplock bag and felt like she could breathe more easily. This inspired Katie to approach the rest of her belongings in the same way, thoughtfully downsizing and letting go. Katie has recently relocated to California and is excited to be a part of the Done and Done team. Katie has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin- Madison and a Masters degree from the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. Prior to her position with Done and Done, Katie worked as a counselor and advocate for survivors of domestic violence, incarcerated adolescents and adults, and residents of long term care facilities through several non-profit organizations.