I read your Services page, so I know what you do. But how do you do it? What is the first step?

We begin with a phone conversation or email exchange where we discuss your project. Many people come to us with a very specific idea of what they would like to accomplish, which is wonderful, but not required. Knowing precisely what you need to change is common with moves and estate clear-outs but less common with decluttering your home and organizing your life. If you aren’t sure, we can narrow down exactly which areas of clutter you would like to work on and go from there.

What can I expect from the phone consultation?

We will set up a time for you to speak with Ann and discuss how we can help you with your project. This usually lasts from 15-45 minutes and are most effective if you can send photos or a video of your home beforehand.

Why two people for all project? Can I just hire one of you?

In our extensive experience in this business, we have found that two people are exponentially more efficient than one, and ultimately more cost effective for you. One person will work closely with you helping you make the many decisions that need to be made, while the other will be bagging up your donations, moving furniture, folding clothes, and boxing memorabilia. This way we help you mentally and emotionally move through the work of organizing, while completing the physical part of the job at the same time. It is the key to transforming your home in only a matter of days!

This work can be very exhausting and we don’t like to drag it out; a project that would take one individual organizer three days to complete, we can do in one.

However, after an organizing project is completed and you’re part of the Done and Done family, we will send one person when what’s left only requires assistant work or help with technology.

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Why do you have a 6-hour minimum?

Very few comprehensive organizing projects can be completed in less than six hours and very few people have the energy for more than six in one day. It is the magic number, and the most efficient use of your time, money, and energy.

Do you stage home for realtors?

While we don’t stage empty homes, we work closely with realtors to style them so they photograph and show well. We also have a network of stagers at all different price points who we are happy to recommend if the project is more complex than we are comfortable taking on.

What can I expect to gain from hiring you?

From an emotional perspective, we can lift the feeling of dread you may feel when you think about tackling a project, packing up for a move, clearing out your closet, clearing out your parents estate, and figuring out how to get your home in top condition.

We can make getting dressed in the morning easy – even calming. We can transform your child’s room into one that is both fun to play in and easy to tidy up. Your home office will be become a welcoming, productive workspace. Your living room will highlight your treasures and make your guests comfortable.

Our clients report the feeling of intense relief after working with us because we helped them solve problems they struggled with for decades.

Any dream you envision for your home, we can make it come true.