Keep Your Home Organized In 5 Simple Steps

Want to Get Organized?

Good News Bad News

When it comes to keeping your home organized, there’s good news and bad news. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.

Organizing is not a one and done type of situation. It’s an ongoing process and in order to keep things working efficiently, you’re going to have to do at least a little bit every day.

Shew! As far as bad news goes, that’s not so bad! But in the practical sense, it can sometimes feel overwhelming.

I just decluttered my whole entire house and now you’re telling me I’m going to have to do that again?!

Don’t panic! It’s time for the good news –

There are 5 simple steps you can do that will keep your systems working efficiently so you never have to do a massive organizing project again!

And the even better news?

If your home is already organized, these steps will help you keep it that way. But if “organized” is not exactly a word you would use to describe your home, these steps can help you get there!

1.) Acknowledge That Organizing Is A Process

On the one hand, the first step is the easiest – you don’t even have to get off your couch to do it! On the other hand, it’s the hardest because it’s a mind shift and it can take some practice. You have to come to terms with the fact that organizing your home never ends.

Much like exercise, you can’t do it one time and be done forever. Oh if only!!! I worked out once last year and now I’m good to go! Wouldn’t that be a dream?

To get, and keep, results you’re going to have to work that organizing muscle every single day.

But, to keep the analogy going, you don’t have to run a marathon every day to stay in shape. You just have to be consistent and do a little something on a daily basis.

2.) Create Routines

One of the easiest ways to maintain order in your home is to have routines. The key is to finding what works for you and sticking to it.

Laundry is a good example. If you have a large family and the dirty clothes pile up in a hot second, then tossing a load in the washing machine before you do anything else in the morning might help you stay on top of things.

If, however, it’s just you and your partner and laundry isn’t that big of an issue, you may want to pick a particular day, say Mondays, and do your wash then.

Whatever routine works for you, the secret to making it work is consistency! The “oh, the laundry can wait until tomorrow” mentality can lead to major problems and tasks that can become overwhelming in the long run.

3.) Take Advantage Of Small Moments Throughout The Day

No matter what your day looks like – working mom, stay at home mom, kids, no kids, etc – there are moments throughout the day you can take advantage of to keep your home organized.

While you’re brushing your teeth, you can wipe down the bathroom countertop. While the coffee is brewing, you can unload the dishwasher. While the baby is in the highchair, you can sort through your junk drawer.

These are small tasks that can be done in just a few minutes, but they will keep your home running smoothly and they will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Sometimes doing just one thing that makes you feel good about yourself and your home can lead to others and the process snowballs over time. Before you know it, these little wins will lead to big changes in your home!

4.) When You See It, Do It

This is a common problem and something pretty much everyone is guilty of. Your eyes land on an item that needs to be dealt with and your mind immediately says, “I’ll do that later”. Whether it’s a stack of magazines you’ve been meaning to recycle or the donations that need to go out to the car, there’s always something that sits around longer than it should.

But if you can get into the habit of dealing with a task when you see it, your home will immediately and consistently become more organized.

It does take some practice and intentional thinking but once you start picking up misplaced items when you see them, you’ll become a pro at organizing as you go!

5.) Do One Reset Every Week

While many of the things mentioned above are quick and painless, sometimes you have to purposely set some time aside to do a little more. Thankfully, the more you do this the less effort it takes. A weekly reset is a great way to keep things running smoothly.

Choose rotating areas; your closet, the pantry, the flat surfaces in the living room – wherever life happens and things get a little chaotic. Take half an hour to really get things sorted. Declutter, rehome items that have migrated to the area, clean and purposely replace the things that belong.

Be Intentional

All of the processes outlined above have one thing in common – intentional thinking. It’s easy to look past clutter and tell yourself that you’ll take are of the problem later. But clutter has a tendency to magically multiply and if you let things go, you’ll have monumental tasks ahead of you.

By doing a little bit every day, your home will stay organized and functional and you’ll have a sense of ease and peace with your surroundings.