Like with Like: How To Organize Logically

Want to Get Organized?

Like with Like

If you have read anything about organizing lately you have likely come across the term like with like. It is perhaps the most recognized and agreed upon guideline among organizers everywhere.  It seems logical and it isn’t mind-blowing or revolutionary but it is universally acknowledged for a reason.  Your organizing efforts are likely to fail if you do not follow this simple rule. It’s an expression used for two different aspects of organizing your home.


1. Decluttering – Like with Like

If you don’t sort into specific categories, you won’t be able to see exactly what you have and will then have limited success in decluttering. You will, of course, separate sweaters from jeans and jeans from T-shirts but within each category like with like means you’ll go a step further. Jeans should be sorted by color (black, white, lighter blue, darker blue) because it’s easy to decide if you actually need four pairs of black jeans when you see them all together. This also applies to the bathroom – put all lotions together then sort face from body lotion, and in the kitchen group all utensils together and subcategorize all spatulas.


Done & Done Home

Photo: Done and Done Home

The principle of Like with Like will help guide you through the process of decluttering which sometimes feels complicated and overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be.

2. Organizing – Like with Like

When you group like with like your home will become logically organized.  Particularly in multifunctional spaces, this practice can be transformational.  Consider the kitchen pantry.  It is typically the place where non-perishable foods are stored.  But it may also be where random kitchen related items land such as:

Photo: Done and Done Home

*paper plates

*plastic utensils

*pet food


*small appliances

*back up paper towels and napkins


It makes sense to store all of the above in the pantry because they are used in the kitchen, but they can be organized more efficiently if they are grouped together like with like.  For example,  put all of the paper goods together on a high shelf because they aren’t used daily and lighter things are easier to get down from above.  Place pet food and supplies on the lowest shelf to keep them separate from the family’s food.

Bins and Containers

To further organize your pantry, consider using bins and/or containers to create subcategories .  For example, snack bars removed from the packaging work well in bins, as do individual snack packs of crackers, chips and cookies.  Not that we would know anything about that particular food group 😉

3 Of Our Favorite Storage Options

If you choose to use bins, baskets or other containers, you definitely don’t have to break the bank.  You likely have many choices already in your home.  Be creative and think outside the box…or actually, just use the box!  But if you want to upgrade and make all of your newly organized areas look next level, check out some of our favorite sorting options.


Whitewash Rattan Storage Bins with Handles  We love this bin in closets.  It’s a great choice for seasonal items such as hats and gloves in the winter or swimwear in the summer.  It even works as a catch all for flip flops!



Lazy Susans are perhaps one of the most versatile tools for keeping like with like.  They work well for containing things like oils or spices together in the pantry.  And just imagine how easy your morning routine would be if all of your make up and toiletries were gathered together in one place.  We particularly love this clear version so you can see what’s what! InterDesign Clear Linus Divided Lazy Susan


If you are going to invest in only one thing to organize your home, this bin would be our recommendation.  It is weathertight and the fact that it is clear is a game changer. It is essential for large storage areas such as basements, attics or storage units.  Many of the items that are stored in these places are not used daily, weekly or even monthly, so it easy to forget what you have in them.  Remember to keep like with like, such as fall decorations separate from spring decorations.  63 qt. Weathertight Tote Clear



There are many tips and tricks that professional organizers use in their own homes and when working with clients.  Some are more difficult than others, but keeping like with like is something everyone can do!  It will make a world of difference in all areas of your home, so choose a space and get it done!

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