Photo Organizing

Silk Purse Factory and Done & Done Home are now collaborating to help you organize your photos and your home!


Photo Organizing • Video Editing • Photo Albums • Archiving

Many Done & Done Home clients have used Silk Purse Factory to get a handle on their photo projects once and for all. The ladies of Silk Purse have helped our clients with everything from scrapbook making and digital organizing of photos/creating digital photo albums to restoring heirloom family photographs and even cleared our clients old phones of treasured photos. If you have a photo project, big or small, that has been weighing on you – these are the ladies to call!


Rachel Cohen DeSario and Bettina McCall founded Silk Purse Factory in 2009. We were both professional film editors with over 20 years in the business. We’d edited feature films, documentaries, TV shows and commercials, and worked in post-production management and sound editing.

Our work experiences were amazingly similar, just separated by the Atlantic. We’ve also each had over 18 years of Mom experience.

We realized that the same things that were important to us: keeping our family photo libraries up-to-date and organized, archiving the older materials and having the photos accessible, were something that everyone wants but few have time to do for themselves. Together we bring our professional experience, love of technology, organizational skills and sense of humor to your photos and home videos.