Smart Shoe Storage

Want to Get Organized?

shoe storage on a wall
Photo: Done & Done Home

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve seen that we’ve recently posted a couple of awesome shoe storage options. They were popular posts, so we thought we’d share them here again and do a roundup of some of our all time favorites.!

Under Stair Entryway

under stair cubby shoe storage
Photo: Done & Done Home

We absolutely love this brilliant idea for shoe storage in an entryway. Shoes are easily accessible but out of the way. If you have a family that kicks off their kicks the minute they step inside, this would be a great option because it’s so close to the front door.

Hidden Roll Out

roll out shelved shoe storage
Photo: Done & Done Home

How brilliant is this?!? It’s probably our favorite built-in organizing solution ever. We would recommend it for anyone building a home for two reasons. The first is that we love that shoes can be stored out of sight. Some shoes are fun to display, like gorgeous high heels or trendy sneakers, but the truth is, most of us actually wear our shoes and they don’t remain in display shape for long.

The second reason we love this option is because it creates a natural limit to how many shoes you can own if you want to maintain the system. No extra space? No new shoes until you can get rid of a pair.

Shoe Wall

a built-in wall of shelving for shoes
Photo: Done & Done Home

If you got it, flaunt it! And we say, if you have the room for some built-in shelving, go for it! A shoe wall is such an easy way for all of your footwear to remain visible and off the floor. So often, shoes that are stored on the floor end up in piles or pushed to the back of closet. If you have the room for shelving but this type of setup is out of your budget, consider an Elfa closet system from The Container Store.

DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Storage

Photo: The Owner-Builder Network

If this isn’t a fantastic DIY project, we don’t know what is! It’s definitely not a job for the faint of heart, but wow, would it be worth it. We found this on The Owner-Builder Network and there’s a video to show you how it’s done. We love that it adds a touch of glamour and has the feeling of an upscale boutique!

Mudroom Shoe Storage

Photo: Done & Done Home

Ok, admittedly this isn’t a glamour shot of shoe storage. But what it is, is an example of how having a designated place for all the boots, sneakers, cleats and sandals can play a huge part in keeping your home organized. You don’t have to have any of the amazing examples from above to keep your shoes together. Just make sure you have a system that works and you won’t be tripping over errant shoes in every room.

We’d love to hear if you have shoe storage problems or if you have some great solutions! Let us know either way!