A Fun Solution To Downsizing

Want to Get Organized?

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Does the thought of downsizing your home terrify you? Or maybe it’s not your home, but your parent’s…even more terrifying? You’re not alone.

If you know us from our Instagram account, you might assume that we only organize pantries and closets. But in reality, a huge part of our business is assisting our clients with moving, downsizing and estate management.

Rarely are any of these events stress-free or fun. Unfortunately, huge life changes can be challenging and occur because of difficult times. But we recently read this article about a downsizing party and we think it’s absolutely brilliant!

To summarize, an older couple was at a point in life where they had to move out of their family home of 45 years into a small condo. Instead of bringing in an estate agent or attempting to sell their items online or through a yard sale, they threw a party. They invited friends and family over, provided some food and mimosas and encouraged everyone to take something.

How It Works

Traditionally, downsizing involves getting rid of a majority of your possessions and that can be cause for heartbreak and stress. But perhaps there is another way. So much of life is about facing challenges head on and trying to go about it with the best possible attitude.

Undoubtably the couple in the article had some moments of nostalgia and sadness, but those feelings are inevitable. We think that surrounding yourself with loved ones who will be grateful for your generosity would actually make the entire process, dare we say, enjoyable?

Obviously, if you have items that have value (either monetary or sentimental) and you want to keep them, set them aside. Additionally, don’t try to pass off what are clearly unusable things just so you don’t have to deal with them. The point is to lovingly let go of your treasured possessions with the least amount of stress as possible. If you are dealing with your parent’s home, you may encounter some difficulties. You can read our Ask Done & Done post to get some advice on navigating family matters.

Definitely try to include some young people on your invitation list. You may no longer need all your kitchen appliances or lawn tools but they may be a godsend to someone just starting out.

Make It Fun

If you are hoping to make a bit of money or you’d like to donate some funds to charity, you could hold a silent auction. For items that may have some value, (or are just super unique and cool) you can separate them and allow your guests to bid for them throughout the event. Someone will go home feeling lucky!

Another idea would be to set your guests up in a circle with each person holding one of your better items. Have everyone pick a number from a hat and the person who has the highest number goes first. They can “steal” an object from anyone in the circle replacing the thing they have with the one they want. This continues until everyone has gone according to their number with the person holding number one going last. It’s such a fun game with everyone ending up with something in the end!

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Downsizing really can be overwhelming and difficult. Unfortunately, if you are facing it, there are no easy solutions. But putting a positive spin on your situation can make all the difference and you may come out of it with some special new memories!

As always, we’re here to help. If you have any questions, send them our way!