Are You A Resolution-ary?

Want to Get Organized?

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Happy 2020!

By now you’ve undoubtedly read numerous articles about resolutions. How to make them, how to keep them, and why you fail at them. You may have even seen that by February, 80% of people have already given up on their resolutions.

Despite that dismal success rate, we still find the beginning of the year to be a great time to set goals. The rush and chaos of the holidays are behind us and it’s easier to focus on what’s to come. Not to mention, a clean slate just makes everything feel a little more hopeful.

According to this article from The New York Times, most resolutions fail because of three factors…1.) people take on too much, too fast 2.) they don’t see immediate results and 3.) it’s all or nothing. So what’s the trick? How can you make resolutions that you can stick to?

Resolution Strategies

While we can’t help with all your goals, (we can’t help you lose 10 lbs by next week or pay down your debt by March) we can help you find some peace in your home. An organized home leads to better health and is a great goal to have. You can read more in our post Organizing Is Good For Your Health.

Fortunately, decluttering doesn’t have to fall into any of the three categories that can cause failure.

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1.) Too Much Too Fast
Decluttering can begin with one drawer. If your entire house needs work, don’t attempt to do a complete overhaul in one day. Set a timer for 15 minutes and clean out some old make-up, donate your unused linens or decomtaminate the vegetable crisper that got out of control over the holidays. Try to keep in mind that small changes can add up to big wins, and every little bit counts.

2.) No Delayed Gratification
Some goals can be difficult because results take time. Fortunately, you can see immediate results with decluttering. For example, if you tackle your closet this coming weekend, getting ready for work on Monday morning can be a completely different experience. You won’t have to sort through piles on the floor or frantically search for your missing boot. With some real success under your belt, you’ll be encouraged to keep going. Acknowledge the progress you’ve made and before you know it, you’re goals will be realized!

3.) All Or Nothing

It’s important to have realistic expectations. If your goal is to have a house that’s Pinterest worthy in every way, you may give up by the end of January. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing endeavor. You’ve cleaned out your junk drawer and it’s now functional, congratulations! Maybe it doesn’t have lovely bins from The Container Store and you don’t feel the need to post it on social media. Again…congratulations! When your resolution is to get your house under control and to have a stress free environment, leave the perfection for another time. Progress will keep you on track and perhaps next year’s resolution will be to make all spaces pretty enough for Instagram.

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Photo: Done & Done Home

2020 can be the year you follow through with all of your resolutions! If you want to put your energy into getting your home organized, we’re here to help. We’ll keep posting tips and inspirational photos on Instagram and we’ll continue to blog here about solutions to get your space in order.

A very Happy New Year to all of you!