Preparing To Bring Your New Baby Home

Want to Get Organized?

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Getting Ready For A Baby

The wonderful, amazing, incredible news is that you’ll soon be bringing your new baby home! The stressful, worrisome, nerve-wracking news is that you’ll soon be bringing your new baby home! It can definitely be a time of mixed emotions; the anticipation can feel exhilarating one moment and terrifying the next. But pregnant women go through a nesting stage for a reason and a prepared and organized nursery will ease so many of your concerns.

But what if you don’t know how to create that space or are unsure of what you’ll need? We’ve put together some organizing tips, products and resources to get you ready for baby. They’ll help you feel secure knowing you have what you need and where you can turn for help.

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The most important tip we can give you is to declutter your space before you bring your baby home. While everyone knows you have to make room for a crib, most new parents don’t know that’s just the start. For example, you may need an entire shelf in the kitchen for bottles, in the medicine cabinet for ointments, and in the linen closet for bedding. (If this isn’t your first child, this post is a great resource for decluttering with children.)

Similarly, you’re going to need room for your stroller and diaper bag, preferably near an exit such as the front hall closet, mudroom or garage. Getting out the door will be a bit of a challenge in the beginning, and having everything conveniently located will be a huge help.

So now you’re probably worried that you won’t have enough space for all the new things coming into your home. Don’t be! We’re here to tell you that any space, no matter how small, can be adjusted to meet your needs. One of our favorite projects was a nursery we created out of a closet. It did require both mom and dad to do a serious edit, but the results prove that no space is too small!

before picture of a man's closet and after of a child's nursery
Dad’s closet above, baby’s new nook below!
Photo: Done & Done


There are a million and one products that every new parent thinks they’ll need. And, of course, some things are absolutely necessary. But the phases of a newborn fly by and every novelty item you see should be carefully considered. That being said, we think the following items are fantastic and highly recommend them.

Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack

If you’re preparing to bring home your first baby, this product may seem crazy to you. But when you wash and sterilize your first set of bottles, you’ll understand why this product is so useful. Having a designated spot for all those little pieces that need to remain clean is essential. You can also purchase accessories that will you allow you to go vertical to utilize the most of your countertop.

Keekaroo Peanut Changer

As we said above, the phases of a newborn will last for a hot minute. So we highly recommend choosing items that will transition with your child. For that reason, we prefer a dresser to a changing table. But if you go that route, you’ll need a substantial changing pad and we love the Keekaroo Changer. It’s soft, durable, germ resistant and has an added safety strap. Another bonus is that you don’t need to purchase a specific changing table – this can be put on top of most dressers!

aden + anais Classic Swaddles

These swaddling blankets are amazing! They’re made of super soft muslin and the extra large size is perfect for wrapping your baby, covering your stroller or providing some privacy if you’re nursing in public. We love how lightweight they are and they have some of the most adorable designs. We would absolutely add them to your wish list! They’re not only good for swaddling but also work well for burp cloths!


Truth be told, getting ready for a baby can cause stress on many levels. We feel like we’re qualified to advise you on preparing your home and recommending products to make your life easier. But there are other people who specialize in birth, newborn care and adjusting to life with your new baby.

One such company that provides a multitude of services is The Parent Collective. They offer parenting workshops that cover topics ranging from infant CPR to healthy sleeping habits to transitioning back to work. But the greatest service they provide is helping new parents establish a community. They can connect you with a network of other couples who are all due at the same time and are local to you.

photo of two women on black background
Co-founders of The Parent Collective
Melissa Griffin and Jessica Hill

On their About page, you can review the impressive qualifications of all the women who work for them. They employ a diverse group of midwives, registered nurses, lactation specialists and doulas. Currently, they have groups in NJ, CT, NY, and LI but if you don’t live in these areas, keep an eye on their site…they’re launching a prenatal webinar soon!

If you aren’t local to any of the groups or classes The Parent Collective has to offer, one app we have found to be incredibly helpful is the What To Expect When You’re Expecting app. You can use it from the very beginning to track the growth of your baby in utero to finding like-minded groups to connect with after your baby is born. It’s great for FAQ and setting your mind at ease when you have common new parent anxiety.

There are so many resources available for new parents. Just remember that your stress is completely normal and you’re not alone. Thoughtful preparation will make the transition easier and the bottom line is…you got this!

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