How To Make The Gift Of Flowers More Meaningful

Holidays, Want to Get Organized?

Happy Mother’s Day!

Here at Done & Done, Mother’s Day is truly a special occasion! We love celebrating moms and all the hard work they do. So many of our clients are women who are juggling a million things and we are constantly in awe of how they manage family, work and home.

As with any holiday, we recommend giving gifts that will be used up and won’t have to be stored permanently. Our mantra is Burn It, Eat It, Drink It, Spend It and for Mother’s Day, we think flowers are the perfect gift. They meet the criteria and personally, we adore getting a beautiful bouquet! The only drawback is that sometimes flowers can seem a bit impersonal, especially if they’re bought online.

So this year, we decided to take flowers to the next level by researching what their traditional meanings are. That way, you can give the moms in your life a thoughtful, meaningful gift that won’t add to the clutter! Below are our top five faves!

1.) Bird Of Paradise

a single bird of paradise flower in a light blue background

Is there a mom in your life who is full of joy and excitement? Maybe she’s your biggest cheerleader or brings you up when you’re feeling down. If so, then the bird of paradise is the flower for her! Not only is it absolutely stunning, it is truly a celebration of a woman who embodies positivity.

2.) Calla Lilies

Calla lilies symbolize beauty and we interpret that to mean both inner and outer beauty. Moms so often put everyone else first and that can lead to low self esteem. A bouquet of these lilies would be the perfect way to tell her you find her to be beautiful in every way.

3.) Amaryllis

red amaryllis blossoms

Amaryllis traditionally represent worth beyond beauty. Moms go above and beyond on a daily basis. There is no way to quantify the sacrifices they make, the work they put in or the love they give us. An Amaryllis will let her know that her worth is immeasurable.

4.) Hydrangea

pink hydrangea stem on a white background

In our research, the best meaning we came across is “gratitude for being understood”. Hydrangeas will tell your mom that she made a difference in your life by understanding you when no one else did. Take it to the next level and plant a whole bush in the yard for her!

5.) Tulips

Keep it simple and tell your mom you love her! Tulips symbolize love and that’s all she really needs to know!

If you’re looking for a reliable florist, we’ve had tremendous success with Their arrangements are always stunning and they’re having a Mother’s Day sale! If you order before May 10th, you’ll get 10% off your order with the code blooms4mom. This is not a sponsored ad, we just really love them that much!

No matter what you decide to give your mom, your stepmom, your grandma, your wife, your mother-in-law or any other woman who represents motherhood, make it heartfelt. All moms deserve to know that they’re appreciated and that their hard work has had an impact on you!