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Seasonal Reset

Are you under the impression that because we’re professional organizers our homes are perfect 24/7 – 365? We hate to disappoint you, but that’s not entirely the case. Sure, we have systems that work and for the most part, our spaces are functional and efficient on a daily basis.

But we are human and occasionally we can feel that our spaces are getting tight, annoying and a bit frustrating. That’s when we know we have to jump in and do a reset.

Seasonal changes are the best time to take stock in your own home. And now that temperatures are dropping (at least here in the northeast), we’re going to get a start on resets in our own homes so that the holidays will be less stressful – as I write this Christmas is only 82 days away :0

Want to join us?! Read on for our tips!

Clothes and Shoes

Not gonna lie…we love sweater weather. But if you have limited space in your closet, bulky sweaters can be an issue. We recommend going through the clothes you wore all summer and relocating them (either higher up in your wardrobe or into some storage bins) so your fall/winter wear can be easily accessible.

The same can be done in your drawers. Summer T’s can be switched out for long sleeve shirts and long underwear. Also, this is a great opportunity to edit your summer clothes. Got a t-shirt or two you didn’t wear at all this past summer? Maybe it’s time to donate!

Similar to sweaters, cold weather footwear can take up more room than your summer kicks. Again, before you put your flip flops and sandals away make sure you definitely want to keep them. If they’re too worn, broken in any way or you just didn’t like them, let them go.

Then pull out your boots and winter shoes and determine the best place to keep them for the next few months. Rain and snow boots might be best placed in a mudroom or front hall entrance while everyday shoes might live in your closet. Just make sure that you arrange your footwear in such a way that the shoes you’re currently wearing are front and center.

Home Decor

This seems sort of obvious, but if you like to switch out your holiday decor, now is the time! We’d just like to say (again) as you go to put away your summer decorations, make sure they’re all in good shape and that you enjoyed them in your home this year. There’s no point in taking the time and energy, not to mention the storage space, to put away things you don’t love.

Then reverse the process as you take out your fall decs. As you pull out your pumpkins, pillows and wreaths make sure you still like them as they come out of storage. Editing your possessions is an ongoing process and you can never really over do it.

Your home will start to feel overfull if you 1.) don’t properly put away the outgoing season’s decorations and 2.) if you have too many items for the available space. This is why editing if the most effective system you can implement; it ensures you only keep what you love and minimizes the amount of stuff you have.


If you’re welcoming guests into your home this holiday season, now is the time to make sure all of your towels, sheets, blankets and pillowcases are in good shape. The last thing you need as the in-laws are pulling into the driveway is to realize that your extra sheets have seen better days.

The more you can do now, the easier it will be to entertain and enjoy yourself once family and friends arrive. Take a quick pass through your linen closet and pull out guest towels and sheet sets to ensure you’re happy with the quality. If you need to replace anything, most animal shelters will happily take flat sheets and towels. Think how relieved you’ll be when the holidays near and you have one less thing to worry about!

Think Ahead!

If you have a space that’s bothering you, now’s the time to get it taken care of. We only touched on a few areas but the concepts holds true for almost every spot in your home. Whether it’s under your kitchen sink or inside your pantry, don’t wait until the holidays are bearing down on you to get things done!

If you want to get started but feel like you need more help, you can order our book, Love Your Home Again, or you can subscribe to our course! Both of them are full of advice and tips to get your home in tip top shape!