The Stress Free Way To Declutter Your Closet

Want to Get Organized?

decluttered wardrobe

Wear It All Day Or Give It Away

Stress free and declutter are two concepts that don’t typically go together for most people. And while it may seem hard to believe, we’ve come up with a way to make decluttering your wardrobe fun!

If you’re a long time follower of Done & Done, you know where this is going. If you’re a new reader, welcome! And get ready to get your wardrobe cleared out and organized with our signature game, Wear It All Day Or Give It Away.

The concept may seem simple, but honestly, it’s life changing! You can easily and painlessly let go of items from your closet or you may rediscover an item that you’d forgotten about and absolutely love.

*If your closet is so full that even the thought of decluttering it makes you sweat, you may need more help. Our Love Your Home Again course is full of advice, tips, videos and worksheets to walk you through every area of your home including, of course, your wardrobe!*

Spring is the perfect time to do a closet edit so we’ve made Wear It All Day Or Give It Away the challenge for April in our 12 Months of Challenges.

declutter spring wardrobe with shoes, shirt and flowers

How It Works

Here’s the deal. Choose one item of clothing, jewelry, shoes, an accessory, or anything that goes on your body and wear it. all. day. Easy, right? Exactly! It is easy! Because we’re here to tell you that if you have a shirt that is super uncomfortable or so ridiculously out of fashion that you can’t even imagine wearing it outside of your house, much less for the entire day, you have just painlessly decluttered one item from your closet.

Technically, you don’t have to wear your item of choice for the entire day, you may know after 5 minutes that it’s a donate. But the point is that you have to put it on with the intention of wearing for the entire day. It will quickly clarify what you need to let go of.

If you have passed by a blouse for the hundredth time thinking that you just don’t want to wear it today, that’s the shirt you need to put on. There’s a reason you’re passing it by and wearing it all day will make that reason clear.

The super expensive romantic nighty you bought that your husband didn’t even notice? And now every time you look at it, it just makes you mad? Yeah, get that negative energy out of your home and let some other woman give it a try.

The jewelry that you wore in college that was edgy and fun but you’d never wear in the pick up line at the elementary school? Out.

How about those brand name heels you bought and then Covid. And now? You know you’ll never wear them but you feel guilty because they cost a fortune and they’ve barely been worn. It’s ok. The money was lost when you bought them and you’re not getting it back no matter how long you hold on to those beauties. Give them away now while they’re still fashionable and gift them to the universe.

hot pink shoes for a decluttered wardrobe

Share Your Successes!

We’ll be sharing our own clothes choices on our Instagram stories so you can follow along and see how it’s going for us. And we want to see how it’s going for you! Tag us @doneanddonehome and use the hashtag #wearitalldayorgiveitaway so we can see how you’re doing. Make decluttering fun one day at a time!