Short On Storage? Look To Your Furniture

Want to Get Organized?

If you have limited space in your home, you know that every inch of floor space counts. Many of our clients live in NYC and even in the most beautiful apartments, creative storage is a must.

After years and years of finding solutions that work, we’re here to share our favorite storage furniture for use in any home. Even if you’re lucky enough to have unlimited room, storage furniture helps to cut down on visual clutter by keeping the items you use out of sight.

Whether you’re preparing to bring a new baby home or you want to upgrade a guest bedroom, we have a great selection for all your storage needs! Keep reading for links to our favorite pieces.

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Living rooms often end up as dumping grounds for the items we use every day. It could be remotes, board games or even something as small as coasters, but those little things add up. Tables and consoles with hidden storage can be the finishing look to your decor. We have two choices that will upgrade any space and keep the clutter out of sight!

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Industrial Storage Media Console

Pop Up Coffee Table


Seasonal clutter can be a real struggle! Hidden storage seating in mudrooms or entryways can be a fantastic solution for items like scarves, hats or even umbrellas. The Ochlocknee Bench has the added benefit of a shelf for shoes which we love.

Ochlocknee Storage Bench

The Poppin bench and seat are great for kids rooms. You can quickly stash away toys, games or stuffed animals to make the room look tidy. The bench is also a great place to store extra bedding in case a middle of the night sheet change is necessary.

Poppin Box Bench

Poppin Box Seat


Haven Storage Bed

The Haven Storage Bed is brilliant for adding a huge amount of extra storage to your bedroom. The easy lift up mattress allows you to hide away everything from books, to extra blankets to out of season clothing.

Catalina Trundle Bed

The Catalina Trundle bed is a wonderful option for kid’s rooms. While your children are young, you can use the pull out bed without a mattress for storage. Then, as they grow and start having sleepovers, you can add the lower mattress for an extra bed.

Dresser and Changing Pad

When it comes to furniture, one of the best ways to save money is to buy pieces that will transition over time. For that reason, we don’t recommend buying a changing table for a new baby. Rather, we suggest purchasing a well built dresser that will last for years and adding a changing pad to go on top. Below, we’ve linked the combo we like best!

Chelsea 6 Drawer Double Dresser

Skip Hop Changing Pad

Bins And Cubbies

One of the most effective ways to keep your home organized is to have a variety of bins or containers. We have found that no matter how meticulous you are about keeping your home clean and tidy, there will still be items that need to have a place that’s out of sight. It’s just a fact of life that not all of the things we own are aesthetically pleasing and an attractive bin is the best solution for hidden storage.

4-Cube Cubby Shelving

Whitewashed Rattan Storage Bins

Non Woven Storage Bins

Storage furniture is such a great solution for so many areas of your home. We hope some of these options will help you get your space organized. If you need more than furniture to get a handle on your clutter, check out our Love Your Home Again course. We help you create systems for lasting success!