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Kate Pawlowski – Founding Partner

Kate always loved to organize and perfected her de-cluttering skills on her childhood friends’ bedrooms, but it wasn’t until her early twenties that she realized she could get paid to do it. After graduating from college, she was hired by a family friend to manage the move of a five-story townhouse to another state. Kate soon realized that her direct questions about her first client’s belongings were really questions about why we keep things even if they don’t work for us. Kate’s training in psychology allowed her to understand the deep-seated reasons why people hold on to possessions even when they cause problems, and realized this might be the seed for a business idea. After booking her second job and realizing she couldn’t do it alone, she called in the person who had taught her everything she knew about organizing—and life in general—her mom, Ann. And so Done & Done Home was formed.

Kate holds a BA in Psychology from The New School and is a graduate of The Nightingale-Bamford School on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

index (35)Ann Lightfoot – Founding Partner

Born and raised in the Midwest, Ann is an eternal optimist with an endless interest in the human experience. After returning to New York after nine years in London, she started her own company, A Better Birth, and worked five years as a doula in New York, alleviating expectant mothers’ fears and supporting them during pregnancy and the labor process. Her experience in shepherding clients through times of stress and great life change makes the emotional side of organizing work second nature to her. Always comforted by an organized home, Ann was thrilled when her daughter, Kate, called for help with an decluttering and inventory job. As one job followed another, their business was born. Ann works closely with all clients, and her attention to their life stories and experiences with organization has lead Done & Done Home to have a nearly perfect hire rate after in-person consultations.

Ann Lightfoot holds an MFA from The New School and a BA from Loyola University.

Abby Löfberg – Director of Brand Developmentindex (36)

A lifelong New Yorker, Abby met Kate in the third grade, and they spent their formative years attached at the hip. After graduating high school, Abby longed for the “real world,” and decided to defer college to get some work experience. She spent three years providing administrative support for the trading desk and Executive Partners at The Conifer Group, LLC. After Abby received her undergraduate degree from Columbia University, she was delighted when Kate and Ann made her an offer to join the Done & Done Home team. Abby currently lives in Harlem with her husband and their beloved pets, Jelly, Raja, and Zero.

Abby holds a BA in Women’s and Gender Studies from Columbia University and is a graduate of the Nightingale-Bamford School on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.



unnamed Blandy Coty – Associate

Blandy Coty grew up in Manhattan and now lives in Greenwich, CT. After a career that started in the fashion and design industry doing sales and marketing for fifteen years, she moved on to pursue philanthropic interests and most recently assisted non-profits in meeting their financial goals. Throughout her professional life, Blandy had an ongoing interest in home design and organization. She joins Done & Done Home as a team member specializing in home styling. After a clear out and reorganization of remaining belongings, Blandy will be available to help our clients transform their now de-cluttered homes into stylish spaces that reflect their individual sense of home. Her impeccable organization skills and fantastic sense of design makes her a valuable addition to the Done & Done Home team.

Blandy holds a BA in Art History from Georgetown University. She attended The Brearley School and graduated from The Spence School in Manhattan.