How To Successfully Switch-Out Your Wardrobe

Want to Get Organized?

At Done and Done Home, we believe that efficient systems are vital to maintaining an organized home. We work with our clients by establishing lasting routines and one of the most important areas we focus on is the wardrobe. But you don’t need a professional organizer to get your closet in working order year round. Just follow our tips below to have a functional system so you always have the seasonal clothes you love front and center!

Access, Edit and Declutter

The first step in any organizing project is to go through every item and determine if it is needed, used or loved. A curated closet should reflect the current life of its owner. By going through the contents one by one, you’ll be able to let go of anything that wasn’t worn in the past season. There is no point in storing clothes that don’t fit, are damaged, or are simply unwanted. A bonus is that clearing out clothes at the end of a season leaves room for new fashions to come in the following year!

Inspect, Clean and Mend

Once the final decisions have been made, it is time to make sure every article of clothing is in pristine condition. Clothes should be clean and any necessary repairs should be made at this time. There is nothing worse than pulling out clothes at the beginning of the season only to find them stained, damaged and unwearable. If you have your items dry cleaned at the end of the season, it’s best not to store them in the plastic garment bags that come back from the dry cleaner. Better options are cotton storage bags or shoulder covers that allow the fabric to breath and stay dust free.

Store, Fold and Label

Now that every item is wanted, clean and in perfect condition, it is time to decide what storage solution is best. For more basic clothing staples that will be stored at home, we recommend linen boxes. They provide a dust free, pest free, breathable environment that will ensure longevity. Additionally, we prefer folding items like sweaters to hanging for long term storage because even the best hangers can deform clothing over time. Lastly, we love clear bins for extended storage for the simple fact that they can be labeled. Off season items, such as a bathing suit for a tropical winter getaway can be easily located with a detailed label.

Organizing your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. A seasonal edit and switch-out will keep things running smoothly month after month!

If you found these tips helpful and want to learn more, our book, Love Your Home Again, has advice for every single space in your home!