The Secret to Sticking to Your New Years Resolutions

Want to Get Organized?


Did you know that only 8% of people keep their New Years resolutions every year?

As efficiency experts, we are very familiar of the self improvement routine. Excited for a fresh start in the New Year, we see people make commitments to make their life better in all the important ways: go to the gym, cook more, be less stressed, meditate daily, or spend less money.

Our experience helping New Yorkers perfect their homes and routines has taught us so much, but one fact resonates so clearly with us at this time of year:

Every single one of these resolutions is more than possible – easy even! – if you get organized first.

37CB0NNMNCI know what you’re thinking: “You’re a professional organizer, of course you think decluttering is the solution!”

But let’s think about the obstacles that come up when we try to stick to our resolutions. We buy a gym membership, but we can’t seem to find time in the mornings or evenings to go regularly. We want to cook more, but there are dishes in the sink before we even get started, and all that work seems really discouraging. We want to start a daily mediation practice, but how can we do that when we are running 10 minutes late and can’t find an outfit that works?

Of course it’s easy to quit! These frustrations are paralyzing. But the trick is in anticipating obstacles before they even come up.

Organizing helps you do many things: you find a home for everything you own, and you let go of every item you don’t need. You analyze your routines and tweak it to make it more efficient. You turn 300 daily morning movements into 100 and get out the door in half the time.


All of a sudden, you find you have a little extra time every day to focus on you. The peace you feel when at home makes it easy to sit on your meditation pillow and stay quiet for 10 minutes. Your kitchen is functioning so well, you are able to research fun and creative recipes to cook for your family.

An organized home creates space certainly in a physical sense, but much more importantly emotionally and mentally.

We find that clients who dedicate their time and energy to solving organizational problems have the energy to take on their personal, creative, and professional pursuits with such confidence and ease. N7FUTW0RY5

The holidays gives our team a bit of time to reflect on the joys of our job, of which there are many. But the biggest is seeing our clients make decisions they are able to keep and pursue their dreams as a result of transforming their physical and psychic space.

Everyone is capable of change, and we are grateful to bear witness to it.

Happy New Year from the Done & Done Home team.