Clutter creates chaos and life leaves little time for organizing. After a thorough clean out, our team of professional organizers can implement systems to prevent reoccurring issues and help our clients gain control over their space.

We understand that sorting through one’s belongings is a deeply personal experience. Done and Done Home has an ironclad reputation for confidentiality.

We are swift, professional, and understand that the process of letting go can be emotionally complex. Our clients respond well to the atmosphere of compassion and non-judgment that we create.


Organizing Services
• Make a household inventory for insurance
• Overhaul closets and donate/consign/sell what is no longer needed or wanted
• Simplify home offices
• File and reduce paper by recycling or shredding
• Create a household manual
• Clean out and reorganize kitchens
• Create bill-paying systems
• Create detailed inventories with photos and descriptions for storage units
• Organize and digitize photos, have albums made
• Reduce overall clutter
• Design and install shelving systems including Elfa (The Container Store)
• Create easy-to-follow directions for tidying kids’ and teenagers’ rooms
• Clean out attics, garages, and storage bins
• Hang artwork and photographs

Technology Management
• Organize technology including syncing iPhone, BlackBerrys, iPads, and computers
• Clean up and digitize contact list
• Simplify and organize Internet life (logins, e-mails, passwords, accounts, etc.) and create master list
• Computer repair
• Resolve issues with cable, Internet, and phone service providers
• Electronics installation