Managing an Estate

The handling of an estate—regardless of condition—is a process of seemingly endless decisions involving paperwork, clothes, electronics, books, furniture, art, housewares, and family heirlooms.

Where does it go now? What is the monetary value? Who will take it away?

Done & Done Home understands that the clearing out of a family home can be not only an emotionally draining project but a physically taxing one as well. We specialize in estate clear-outs and often work with clients who are facing significant life transitions, and can manage the details of an estate so the process is headache-free.

We have impeccable contacts with relevant professionals ranging from appraisers at the high-end auction houses to owners of boutique galleries. All of these professionals have spent their careers gaining expertise in the evaluation and sale of fine art, jewelry, and furniture and we make sure our clients end up in the best possible hands. We also have specialty dealers who handle books, stamps, coins, records, and more.

We manage every detail of the clearing of an estate-held property, act as a liaison between appraiser and client, arranging appointments, as well as keeping track of estimates and documentation for our clients.

Especially when working on estates, many homes need repairs before they are ready to be sold. We have an extensive network of trusted vendors and can bring in cleaners, painters, floor repair companies, and teams to haul away large items such as furniture and built-in appliances.