How Are You Surviving Winter?

Want to Get Organized?

Tips for Surviving WinterGot the winter blues? It’s not your fault. Winter’s freezing temperatures and early sunsets can make us feel unmotivated, overwhelmed, and longing for spring. In this state of mind, it can be difficult to muster up the energy to get organized. But never fear! Kate and Ann aren’t just efficiency experts and professional organizers. They are living in NYC experts. And I asked them to share with us their tips on surviving winter in this cold city.

Ann shares that her magic winter survival combination is attitude, fitness, entertainment, and a sense of home. She makes the effort to focus on enjoying what winter has to offer instead of ruing its presence. Ann says,

“One of the best ways to survive the winter in NYC is to get up early and get outside. The sky is usually blue when I leave to meet Kate at 7:30 or so. It helps my mood hugely to walk in the sunlight no matter how cold because the clouds seems to roll in by the afternoon so it can seem gloomy then.”

“I also adjust my mind to the idea that it’s so cozy in the winter. It’s time for roast chicken and slippers. I don’t feel as guilty when I watch my European Whodunnits when it’s cold outside.”

“And books get me through winter! I came home last night and Paul Kalanithi’s When Breathe Becomes Air had just arrived in the mail. I read all evening, cried my eyes out and finished it before bed.”

“This is the winter of P.D. James. I’ve been waiting for it to get truly cold so I could justify staying in and reading for hours.”

“One last thing – I tweak and perfect my home in the winter because I’m much less likely to do it when it’s warm, the sun is shining and the bars and cafes of the West Village beckon. “

I texted Kate the same question, and she had a similar albeit typically succinct response: “Spending more time at the dog park to get fresh air, baking more with the extra hours spent inside, and LOTS OF TEA!”

BD0AC07780 (1)In an effort to emulate Ann’s wise words, I established the following winter morning routine: crawl out of bed and into my softest robe, light a fire in the living room, and curl up on the couch with my dogs and a husband-made cup of coffee. I am not morning person, but starting the day this way makes me excited to get out of bed every day. Allowing myself some quiet time gives me the energy to perform my 15 minutes of morning chores that makes me happy in my home and gets me in a motivated headspace for my workday.

I make an effort to watch as many addictive true crime documentaries as possible and sip bone broth to fill my body with strengthening nutrients. If I’m getting really squirrelly, I get my blood pumping with a private boxing lesson. Learning a new sport engages my body and my brain, I walk home high on endorphins.

And if this doesn’t work, just remember: all consulted groundhogs concurred that they did not see a shadow this week, and spring is just around the corner.

We are always curious about our readers; share your tips for surviving winter in the comments below!