We Can Help Make Your Listings Look Their Best!

We frequently work with top real estate agents who find that they have faster sales from using our services. Agents and their referrals are our primary source of business so we take excellent care of their clients.

We specialize in preparing homes and estates for the market as well as styling for listing photographs. Our goal is to make large life transitions as easy as possible for busy people while ensuring their homes sell for top dollar.

Different than your average stagers

In our experience, stagers often send everything to storage that they don’t want in the home for showings. Unfortunately, when it all comes back after the sale, the broker is gone and the clients can be unhappy. Whether or not it was the broker’s fault the whole experience leaves a bad feeling with the client. We make sure that doesn’t happen so when the client thinks “real estate” they remember what a good experience they had and call you and also give your name to their friends and family.

We not only help people declutter for showings and photographs, we handle getting rid of everything that can’t stay in the home whether it be garbage, donation, or going to storage for which we will create a detailed inventory.

Besides helping before the sale, brokers are always happy to recommend us to clients after the closing to assist in overseeing and unpacking the move.