How Strong is Your Wardrobe’s Backbone?

The Perfect Wardrobe, Want to Get Organized?

At the risk of sounding dramatic, there’s no worse feeling on the planet than looking into an overstuffed closet and feeling like you have nothing to wear. Our clients often feel this way before we de-clutter their closet, and having too many items you don’t actually wear might be distracting you from all the gems hanging there.

But that’s not the only reason why you might feel that way. Your wardrobe could be lacking a solid backbone of reliable, comfortable, and stylish basics. Basics are neutral pieces that you wear all the time, are a-seasonal, and provide the foundation to many other outfits.

We can’t stress enough the importance of finding basics that you love for two reasons. 1. You wear them all the time, and so you probably wash them a lot so if your basics are not high quality, they will degrade and begin to look sloppy. 2. Confidence! These items are the first thing between your skin and the world! You want to feel like they fit and make you feel great.

From time to time, you’ll see Vogue editors write about Parisian Uniform Dressing which describes how French women resist the trends in favor of neutral, classic cuts that will never go out of style. We have our favorite go-to outfits, and unsurprisingly, they’re comprised mostly of our tried and true FAVORITE basics. Having a uniform of sorts will mean that even if you declutter your closet in a cleaning spree, your outfit options will never stump you. Here are our Fall favorites!

Ann Fall Uniform

“I start with a Commando bodysuit that fits seamlessly under my pants and makes me feel fantastic. Then, I layer a pair of HUE suede leggings over it, which are great because they are inexpensive and suck everything in. My go-to look for casual put-together work outfit starts with this, and I layer a grey cashmere cardigan over it –  something high quality and not-too-baggy, like J. Crew.

In the Fall, I live in black suede wedge boots. They are comfortable but stylish, and I feel confident if I have to run from a job to a client consultation where I have to be a bit more dressed up. Plus, the rubber soles mean I never have to worry about surprise rain or snow. Also, I always wear earrings, because it’s the easiest way to feel a little glamorous on a workday!”

Kate Fall Uniform

“My favorite brands are VINCE, rag & bone, and Rails. Most of my clothes come from these three companies because they fit me perfectly and last a long time. My uniform starts with a pair of rag & bone jeans, either black or blue denim. Then I’ll throw on an easy VINCE tank, which is the perfect undershirt. I love Rails button downs because they have the casual plaid pattern, but are incredibly soft and hang so flatteringly on the body. They have all the comfort of a favorite boys flannel, but no boxiness or pilling.

Finally, I throw on my rag & bone booties. I wear them everywhere. I’m obsessed.”

Your basics are the rock of your wardrobe, so it’s often worth buying 2 or 3 versions of your favorite tops or jeans to limit the wear on each item. And don’t forget! You don’t have to wash your clothes every time you wear them. This is particularly important with denim, as it wears visibly and can lose it’s shape. Read up here on how to clean your denim without detergent and water. Then, after you wear your favorite tank, give it a spritz with the Laundress’ Delicate Spray and let it air dry overnight. It will be fresh by the next morning, and you’ll be able to wear it forever.

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