Product Review: Bissell CrossWave

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Product Review: Bissell CrossWave Wet/Dry Multi-Surface Upright Vacuum from P.C. Richard & Son

(Sponsored by P.C. Richard & Son)

By Meri MacEacheron, Done & Done Team Member

The holidays are in full swing, and for many, that means hosting family and friends. Organizing my home helps quell my anxiety, but there is always the dreaded deep clean before company arrives. With an active family of four and a new puppy, my hardwood floors and area rug are often the unwanted recipients of the dirt that keeps on giving.

So you can imagine my excitement when P.C. Richard & Son contacted us here at Done and Done to try out the Bissell CrossWave Wet/Dry Multi-Surface Upright Vacuum. My arm did not have to be twisted to be the one to give it a whirl. The CrossWave was in my house faster than any kid could spill their cereal (and my kids are quick!).

spilled cheerios and milk on a hardwood floor

Oops! They did it again!

Mop and Vacuum in One?!?

Yes indeed! The CrossWave is a multi-surface vacuum AND mop in one, which saves so much time. Usually, I don’t have time to vacuum and mop frequently, so I often end up just vacuuming and wishing my fairy god “cleaner” would come and take care of the rest. The CrossWave solves this problem, and because it’s multi-surface, it can vacuum and mop hardwood floors, area rugs and tile. There’s no need to vacuum first, the CrossWave does both at the same time—I’m in love!!

A woman vacuuming with the CrossWave Vacuum

Best Friends Forever!


Assembly was simple and quick. There’s a clean water tank that clearly notes how much water to add (measurements are marked for large and small spaces) and an indicator for the Multi-Surface Formula (small bottle included). It’s easy to navigate between the two buttons “hard floor” and “rug” and there’s a solution spray trigger on the back of the handle that dispenses solution when pressed. You can also use it solely as a vacuum, which works well too.

Navigation and Cleaning

I loved how easily I could move throughout my home, transitioning from washing the hardwood floors in my kitchen to the area rugs in the dining and living rooms. When using the wet vacuum, the floors and rugs conveniently dry quickly. Then the parts disassemble seamlessly so the dirty water tank and filter can be rinsed and left to dry. The CrossWave also comes with a self-cleaning storage tray that can be filled with water so the brush roll can easily be cleaned.

close up of CrossWave multi-surface brush

The magical multi-surface brush. Easily removes for cleaning.

The CrossWave Challenge

My kids and Benny the puppy kindly participated in the CrossWave Challenge on yes, Thanksgiving Day. Just prior to the arrival of our 21+ guests, cereal was spilled in the kitchen and Benny peed on the rug. Normally, a meltdown bigger than the 23 pound turkey that was cooking in my oven would have ensued. But a sense of calm came over me knowing that the CrossWave was in the house, and it did not disappoint. Both messes were gone within minutes and everyone was thankful for the cleanliness and sanity the CrossWave provided!

Bissell vacuum with a puppy smelling it

Benny’s in love too!

Not Just For Pet Owners!

Think the CrossWave isn’t for you because you don’t have pets? Well, you might be right, but P.C. Richard & Son has a wide variety of vacuums for every occasion and situation. You can check them all out at their website here. As for me and my family? We’ll stick with the CrossWave. I recommend this model if you want to save time and enjoy clean floor surfaces. It’s only been a few weeks since we’ve been acquainted, but I feel so much better knowing the CrossWave is in my life!

Disclaimer: Done and Done Home was sent the Bissell CrossWave for purposes of review. All opinions in this post are my own.