Holiday Decoration Storage

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The Holidays Are Coming…Ready or Not!


Trick or Treat?

Oh social media how we hate love you! You make us feel so obligated inspired! With your edited beautiful photos and unrealistic totally doable decorations, you’re our black hole go-to for all things holiday! #truestory #soundsfamiliar

All kidding aside, we truly love social media and are grateful for how it has helped our business grow. But we also recognize that it can create stress and unrealistic expectations of how our homes should look. And while we can’t help you pick out the perfect pumpkin (orange, white, green?) or decide which Christmas tree is right for your family (real or fake?) we can help you store all the stuff!

Do you know where your decorations are?

Photo: Georgia de Lotz

When you’re feeling inspired and want to go all out making your home look spooky for Halloween or welcoming for Thanksgiving, your decorations are going to have to be easily accessible. If they aren’t, you’ll either quit before you get started or feel resentful that you have another task added to your already busy schedule. There’s nothing fun about having to wade through boxes looking for that one wreath you bought on sale last fall.

Bins for the Win!

The most important tool you’ll need to make holiday decorating storage stress-free is clear bins. They’re game changers for infrequently used items that are put away in attics, basements, garages, and storage units. We love these bins from The Container Store because they come in a variety of sizes and the lids snap down to keep out moisture and critters. Because let’s face it, Halloween decorations should be scary in a good way, not in a (literally) creepy crawly way!

Color Coding

The second tool we recommend for successful decoration storage is colored masking tape. Imagine being able to locate all of your Halloween decorations at a glance because your clear bins have a band of orange tape all the way around! We love labeling and think it’s an added bonus, but in larger storage areas, labels can often get turned to the back or hidden behind other bins. Bands of brightly colored tape make it easy to locate bins containing decorations, in addition to differentiating one holiday from another. Green for Christmas, blue for Hanukkah, or red for Valentine’s Day are all examples of how color coding can transform your decoration storage!

Location, Location, Location!

One last tip! When it’s time to switch one holiday for another, take a few minutes to arrange your bins chronologically. For example, instead of placing the Thanksgiving bins on top of the Halloween bins, switch them around. Take five minutes to do this and you’ll thank yourself next fall when the orange bands are right on top!

Enjoy the Holiday Season!

We hope these tips will help you enter this busy time with a little less stress. Eat some candy, give thanks, and spend some extra time with loved ones! And remember, social media is not your friend!

Photo: Simon Maage

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