How Often Should I Clean That?!?

Want to Get Organized?

The other day on our Instagram stories, I posted a video of what came out of my rug after using my carpet cleaner. It was eye opening to say the least 😳

And it got me thinking about what else I should be cleaning and how often it should be done.

Remember, we’re professional organizers not professional cleaners and we know when we need to turn to the experts!

So after a little research, we found an incredibly helpful article from that had an entire cleaning schedule already laid out for us – how convenient!

We’re sharing it below because, if you’re anything like us, you could use a little reminder.

Shew! We’d love to discuss further, but clearly we have some cleaning to do! How about you? Does this list seem reasonable? Is it missing anything? Are you patting yourself on the back right now for being such an excellent home owner or are you off to break out those cleaning supplies?

And if you need help organizing all the things after you’ve cleaned all the things (it’s a lot, we know!) we can help with that! Our Love Your Home Again course has everything you need for every area of your home.

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