How To Corral Those Throws: Our 5 Favorite Blanket Baskets For Fall

Want to Get Organized?

With school starting in New York and New Jersey this week, fall is definitely beginning to feel real! The temperatures may still be high, but our thoughts are moving towards cool, crisp days and cozy afternoons snuggled up on the couch with our favorite throws.

Because blankets are seasonal items, they often don’t have an appropriate home and can make your space feel cluttered. And the more blankets you have hanging around the house, the more laundry you end up doing, and clearly, nobody wants that!

You may think that the back of the couch is the best place to keep them, but that only works for one. If you’re anything like us, every family member has a favorite and your living room can quickly turn into comforter chaos. The simplest way to keep your blankets accessible, corralled and clean is with a large basket.

Below we’ve rounded up our five favorites blanket baskets that are both functional and stylish!

Hopefully, we’ve included a basket that works for you! Containment is almost always the solution for items in your home that are causing you stress. You may not even consciously know that there’s a problem, but if you don’t feel relaxed and at ease in a particular space, try to objectively evaluate the room. If you can easily solve the problem by tucking a few things away in a pretty basket, by all means, go for it!

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