How To Go Back To School Sustainably

Want to Get Organized?

Can you believe it’s already August?! As quickly as this month snuck up on us, we imagine September will be here before we can say, “back to school”.

Now is the time to start getting organized so you can send your kids off with a sense of calm and excitement without the anxiety disorganization can cause.

But it seems like every year, the endless list of what they need grows and grows. Imagine if you could buy supplies that not only last, but will help the environment at the same time.

No kids? Keep reading! There’s several things on this list that work just as well in the workplace as they do in the classroom.

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Perhaps the most important tool for keeping schoolwork organized throughout the year!

Jansport is easily one of the most recognized names in backpacks and we’re thrilled to see they now have a line of sustainably sourced, eco-friendly options! This backpack is made from 100% recycled materials and it comes with a lifetime warrantee. It comes in a variety of colors so your fashion forward mini can walk into the classroom in style.

Looking for something a little more sophisticated? This backpack made from recycled water bottles features hidden pockets and zippers to keep your belongings safe. It also has an RFID protected pocket to prevent data transfers and it has a USB charging port built into the design!

Lunch Boxes

Gone are the days of soggy paper bags that have to be replaced daily!

This adorable set checks all the boxes! BPA free, biodegradable (it’s made from wheat straw!), leakproof and microwaveable. It comes with a bento box, soup cup and spoon, a cutlery set and an insulated bag.

Do you need a good old-fashioned lunch bag that you can use again and again? Then this bag is for you! The exterior is made of organic cotton so it’s soft and can be folded when not in use. The interior is made from recycled bottles and it’s machine washable. It comes in a variety of adorable patterns, including plain black if you’re looking for an adult version.

Notebook Solutions

Looking to reduce the amount of paper your family uses? These two options will help you kick the single use paper habit for good!

We love this inventive new solution to the endless amounts of paper that are used throughout the school year. These dry erase lapboards are perfect for all the times when you’re helping your children out with math homework, spelling and even flashcard drills. Have a doodler in your home? These would be perfect to place in bedrooms, backpacks and next to the ubiquitous screens. Who knows? You might find them drawing their favorite outfit rather than clicking “like” on social media.

Need something for your older kids or for yourself? This incredible reusable notebook has pages that are endlessly wipeable, but more than that, you can send all of your notes to a variety of online services such as iCloud, Slack, email and more. It comes with a specialized Frixion pen and a microfiber cloth.

Choose Well

These are just a few options you can choose from to get the school year off to a great start! There are more and more products available daily that will make a difference for generations to come. When you’re looking to buy new supplies, take a bit of time, do some research and see if there’s a sustainable option that works for you!

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