How To Hire A Personal Stylist

Want to Get Organized?

What Is A Personal Stylist?

According to, a personal stylist is a professional who “helps clients create the most suitable image by choosing clothes and accessories that fit clients’ body types and individual needs. They may also provide style advice and assist with hair, make-up, and even home decor. Personal Stylists should be flexible and willing to travel”.

Why is that something that is compatible with our philosophy? Because one of the core tenets here at Done & Done is that you should watch what comes through the front door. All of the organization and bins won’t make a bit of difference if you are bringing in more stuff than your home can handle.

A personal stylist can ensure that you are buying the correct clothes for your style and shape. No more piles of clothes that don’t fit or that you just don’t like cluttering up your closet floor.

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Who Should You Hire?

Hiring a personal stylist, like many other services, is a very individual choice. Personality, skill level and price all factor into finding the right stylist for your needs.

We happen to have met a wonderful stylist, Jenny Hargrove, and she was willing to talk to us about the ins and outs of her business and to answer all the questions we had. Check out what she had to say below and visit her website,, to see her sense of style for yourself!

How would you describe your personal style?
Effortlessly chic. I love to play around with elevated basics that are timeless and beautifully crafted. I gravitate towards neutrals, navy, and black. My go-to look lately is a cashmere turtleneck, tailored blazer, vintage jeans, and a leather boot or sneaker if I’m running around the city. 

Who should hire a stylist?
Stylists are for everyone. My clients range from fashion enthusiasts who just need a few pointers to those who are busy pursuing a career or raising a family and simply don’t have time to shop. I have experience styling men, women, and kids. All services are customized to suit the individual’s lifestyle and budget. I specialize in styling for everyday elegance but also offer my expertise for life’s special moments such as bridal, maternity, and events.

 How can a client make sure you understand their personal style?
I start with a consultation to discuss my client’s style needs and goals from this process. The next step is a closet evaluation which is extremely helpful in speaking to their current style and highlights any holes in their wardrobe. This lays the foundation for personal shopping. 

How many pairs of jeans should someone have? Does that include black and white? I urge my clients to pursue a minimalistic aesthetic. It’s important to invest in a few pairs that fit you impeccably and come in a range of washes. My general rule is you should own a pair of white, grey, light denim, mid-wash, dark denim and black. Choose the fit that suits your body best but my personal go-to is a high-waisted straight because it elongates the legs and accentuates the smallest part of your waist. My favorite brands are Redone, Agolde and Mother. 

How often do you go back to clients homes?
I may see a client on a weekly or monthly basis, it all depends on their needs.  Most clients prefer in-home fittings for privacy and convenience, however, I also offer the option to shop in store with me or receive curated links virtually. I have an ongoing relationship with my clients and urge them to call or text me whenever they need a quick tip! I’m their “stylish best friend” who’s just a phone call away. 

How did your business adapt to COVID-19? 
I’m happy to announce I’m offering FaceTime styling sessions and a digital archive of your closet. This allows me to create looks at a moments notice and provide styling feedback in real time. If you’ve ever wondered “What shoe should I wear with this outfit?” This service is for you.

Do you make money on the clothes you suggest or just charge for your time?
I just charge for my time. My recommendations are never influenced by stores or commission which establishes trust and credibility between my clients and myself. Their best interest is my only priority. 

Average price range? 
I charge hourly at a rate of $150.

Do I have to be thin and fit to use a stylist?
Absolutely not. Stylists are for all shapes and sizes. My goal is to boost confidence and promote body positivity.

Is A Personal Stylist Right For You?

That, of course, is something only you can answer. But we love the idea of curated closets and a lack of clutter. Jenny was incredibly open and kind in response to our questions and we absolutely love her style! Check out her services if you think a stylist is right for you.