Done & Done Home Exclusive Membership Program

Remember the last time the Done & Done team finished up and your home just felt better? Everything was where it was supposed to be, all the excess was gone, and donations were out the door. Now you can have that feeling year round plus your to-do list can be handled!

Once you’ve signed up, regularly scheduled visits from the Done & Done team will ensure that you always have a smoothly running household. You choose how often you need us: once a year, twice, or once a quarter.

We will create tailored systems so that everyone in your home – partners, kids, and housekeepers – have an understanding of where things belong so you can spend less time stressing and thinking about your home and more time enjoying your life.

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As a member of our program, you will get exclusive access to our Personal Assistant visits. This time is meant to allow for additional help with those tedious and time consuming must-do tasks for you, your kids and of course, your home such as:

  • Handling returns
  • Updating of contact list
  • Travel coordination
  • Opting out of junkmail
  • Holiday card creation
  • Present wrapping
  • New device set up
  • Creating Household Manuals
  • Moving? Get help with change of address, moving over utilities, returning cable boxes, etc

Our limited access maintenance program is only being offered to our valued established clients.

* Free donation takeaway includes anything our team members can fit into their cars. No furniture.