Organizing: The Big Picture

Want to Get Organized?

There’s no denying that here at Done & Done, we love sharing our work on Instagram. Our aim is to inspire our followers with beautiful and well-organized spaces. Additionally, we offer tips for achieving efficiency at home.

But more often than not, our jobs have nothing to do with rainbow colored bookshelves or perfectly labeled pantries. What you can’t see on Instagram is the way that organizing can literally transform lives.

Typically, people contact us because their lives aren’t working for a variety of reasons. We’re always honored to offer our expertise and advice to create functional systems. Life can be hard, busy and overwhelming and while it may seem that an organized home isn’t a priority, we’d beg to differ.

Why It Matters

We were personally reminded why organizing matters this past week when Ann’s mom ended up in the hospital (she’s doing much better now!). We spent long days waiting to speak to doctors and keeping her company. The regular schedule and rhythms of our lives were completely turned upside down.

But fortunately, because we have systems in place, dealing with an unexpected turn of events didn’t derail our lives. Laundry didn’t get washed, but there was plenty of clean clothes to last the week. Similarly, there was food in the house because the grocery shopping had been done, and dishes never piled up because the dishwasher had been run. Staying on top of chores means there’s a margin for error before your home becomes dysfunctional.

Of course, when a loved one is ill things like dirty dishes don’t matter in the least. But having an organized home means that you can focus on the people who need you rather than worrying about whether or not your child has clean clothes for school.

With Thanksgiving just a couple of weeks away, (you can read why it’s our favorite holiday in this post) now is the perfect time to look at the bigger picture. Organizing matters now because being prepared for the holidays will allow you time to enjoy your family and friends.

If you want to get fully organized, be sure to take a look at our course, by clicking here.

Life can be unexpected, in good ways and bad, and in the coming months we’re going to be doing a series of posts about specific ways you can stay organized through transitional times.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have, we’re always happy to help!