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Owning Well is the practice of living, buying and yes, owning with intention and it is the cornerstone philosophy at Done and Done Home. In a throw away society, when it is often easier to trash than to repair, Owning Well may seem counterintuitive. Why do you need to care for your new shoes if you are just going to buy new ones in six months? Why should you take the time to maintain your new blender when there is an entire aisle of replacements at your local big box store? We can relate to this type of living. We all do it and it can certainly be easier to just buy more. But in our job as professional organizers, we see time and again that unintentional living comes at a cost that is more than just financial.

Owning Well® Can Save You Money

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We believe that while Owning Well may cost you more up front, it will absolutely save you money in the long run.  Whether it is a small ticket item like a t-shirt, or a bigger purchase such as a vacuum cleaner, we suggest you buy the best quality you can afford. This accomplishes two things:

1.) Less But Better

If a t-shirt is on sale and only cost $9.99, you might not think twice about throwing it into your basket or on-line cart. But what if you find a high quality, perfectly sewn t-shirt that costs $50.00? That may give you pause. When an item costs more, it is worthy of more consideration. Is it the right color? Is it comfortable? Where will you wear it? What do you have to wear with it? For 50 bucks, it better be just right. Impulse shopping can be a big problem, particularly if your home is already too full.  If you buy high quality items, in all likelihood, you will be purchasing less but better. This will save you money because while the shirt may cost more up front, you will be buying one quality shirt you love, as opposed to several that need to be replaced frequently.

2.) Maintenance

The second way that Owning Well can help you save money is through careful maintenance. Let’s take the example of a vacuum. If you have decided to buy the highest end vacuum cleaner you can afford, and perhaps you even had to save up to buy it, you will be much more likely to care for it. Perhaps that means changing filters, following through with warranties, or cleaning regularly. Because the vacuum is better quality to begin with, and because it has been cared for, it is likely to last for many many years. The cost of buying one vacuum, as opposed to two or three, will certainly save you money over time. (If you’re in the market for a vacuum, this is our favorite!)

Owning Well® Can Save Your Sanity

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Cluttered homes can lead to anxiety, depression and general unhappiness. We mentioned above that Owning Well will encourage you to buy less but better and this is crucial to maintaining an organized home. If the items in your home are quality and bought with intention, then the chances are your home will be your sanctuary. You can read more about what to keep and how to care for cherished items in our post Owning Well : The Art of Keeping.

Owning Well® Can Save The Planet

It is not a secret that our landfills are overflowing with all of the stuff we no longer want or use. Impulse purchases are not just taking over our homes, they are taking over the planet. When we help our clients declutter their homes, it is with absolute non-judgement. It is incredibly difficult to resist the temptations of consumerism, and we are by no means perfect. But one of the greatest benefits to Owning Well is that you will be living a life of intention, and that means less and less items being thrown away.  One expensive vacuum that lasts for years and years means one or two cheaper vacuums staying out of the landfill.

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