How To Spring Clean When You’d Rather Hibernate

Want to Get Organized?

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Spring Cleaning: Think You Have A Fever?

Do you dread this time of year not because of Daylight Savings time or allergies, but because everywhere you turn is another article about Spring cleaning this and Spring cleaning that? Do you find yourself screening your calls to avoid your more exuberant, organize loving…ok, let’s just call a spade a spade…irritating friends? As passionate about organizing as we are, even we can find it all to be a bit much.

Motivated or Overwhelmed?

Spring cleaning, while perhaps a natural human inclination, can become overwhelming in this digital age. It can feel like everything you hear and see is shaming you into cleaning, decluttering, and organizing your space- Right now! This instant! Flowers are blooming, windows are opening, the sun is shining! Go forth and transform!

Yeah. But what if all this excitement has the reverse effect of motivating you and just makes you feel overwhelmed and inept? What if you want to have a clean space but don’t know where to start? What if a complete overhaul is just not a tenable option for you?

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Don’t Despair! Spring Cleaning Can Be A Breeze!

If that’s the case then we’re here to help. This post isn’t meant to guilt you into doing something you don’t want to do. In fact, it’s just the opposite. We hope that after reading this, you’ll be inspired to make even one small change. The truth of the matter is that unless you already have an immaculate home, Spring cleaning your entire house is not actually a realistic goal.

5 Simple Tips To Ease You Into Spring Cleaning

Tip 1: Phone A Friend

One of our favorite tips for Spring cleaning doesn’t even require you to clean. So far so good! If at all possible, enlist the help of a friend, family member or neighbor. Invite them over for a cup of coffee and a short sorting session. Maybe you have a linen closet that is bursting at the seams or a bin of winter accessories that could use some attention. All you really need is half an hour to get a kickstart, which you can then easily reciprocate. Cleaning, sorting and decluttering are always easier when you have a cheering section!

Tip 2: Start Small

We suggest starting with something small and easy. The last thing you want to do is embark on a major project, get frustrated and quit before you have even begun. Build your confidence by decluttering something simple like a child’s closet. If the clothes are too small, dirty, or worn, they will be easier to part with. Donate the outgrown clothes that are still in great shape (as so many are) and recycle or dispose of those that are no longer wearable.

Don’t have kids? Take a good hard look in your pantry and get rid of expired food and anything you know you definitely won’t eat. You can feel good about donating food that hasn’t expired to a local food bank. See? You have just begun a Spring Clean!

If you’re still having trouble letting go of items, this blog post may help you find a new perspective.

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Tip 3: Don’t Try To Clean Everywhere At Once

As far as cleaning goes, again, start small. If your kitchen is a disaster, then cleaning the entire room in one day shouldn’t be your objective. Instead, focus on emptying the sink of dirty dishes or clearing off your kitchen table. Or if that is too much, set a timer for 15 minutes and pick one spot. Visible progress will encourage you to keep going so don’t be tempted to run around and clean a variety of areas. Once the timer goes off, you’re done. Come back to the same space after you’ve taken a break and set the timer again. Keep doing this until your one spot is clean and then pick another!

Tip 4: Make It Fun

Let’s face it…no matter how short the timeframe is, cleaning and decluttering can be hard and not exactly a walk in the park. But you can make it fun! Put on some comfortable clothes, turn up your favorite music and get your groove on! Attitude is everything. If you come at Spring cleaning thinking it’s the worst thing ever, then it probably will be. Instead, approach your tasks with gratitude. Be thankful for a space you get to clean, not everyone is as fortunate. Irritated that you have to declutter your closet? There are people who would be thrilled to have your extras. And that pantry that is making you nuts? It goes without saying that extra food is a luxury beyond measure. Enjoy the process!

Tip 5: Keep The Momentum Going

So often in life, small steps can lead to bigger and better things. Once you’ve mastered the art of the half hour overhaul and have gained some confidence, try something a bit more complex. Using the same strategies outlined above, tackle those stacks of paperwork or maybe even that box of photos you’ve been avoiding for years. One thing will lead to another and in no time you’ll be seeing huge results. Keep in mind that slow and steady wins the race, and if you persist, next year’s Spring clean really will be a breeze!

We hope these tips and tricks helped to minimize your stress about spring cleaning and encourage you to make some changes, big and small. Just because the first day of Spring is approaching, you don’t have to feel pressured. Do what you can, when you can, on your schedule and remember that even a small step forward is a step in the right direction!

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