Stackable Bins For After-School Snacks

Want to Get Organized?

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As impossible as it is to believe, summer is nearing an end. September is fast approaching and many kids have already gone back to school.

With afternoons centering around homework, after-school activities and potential meltdowns, a snack station is essential to keep everyone sane. If you need some tips on how to shop efficiently, you can read our post How To Prevent Food Waste.

The best solution for moms is a system that doesn’t require help and the best solution for kids is to have the independence to make their own choices. And the key to successful snacking is visibility!

In The Fridge

Trying to get kids to eat healthy can be a real challenge. But if good choices like yogurt, individual apple sauces or prepped veggies are grouped together, your child will be more likely to grab them. These Open Stacking Bins are perfect because they’re clear and little hands can reach right in and make a sensible choice . Be sure to put them at eye level so it’s the first thing your hungry preschooler sees!

On The Counter

As with the fridge, presentation is everything. A pretty bin on the counter full of seasonal fruit will ensure that your kids will fill up on the good stuff. This Wire Stacking Bin is as functional as it is stylish. The wire allows the fruit to breath and you’ll love the way it looks on your countertop or island. The best thing about stacking bins is that they take advantage of vertical space so you can offer your children several choices without taking up a lot of valuable real estate in your kitchen.

In The Pantry

While you may want your kid’s first choice to be fruits and vegetables, you know there’ll be times when they just want something crunchy, salty and yum. That doesn’t mean those snacks can’t be both mom and kid approved. You know what’s best for your family and your personal dietary needs but as always, visibility and accessibility are essential.

Depending on the design of your pantry, you have several different options. If you have a walk in pantry with shallow shelves, we love this stackable wood bin. It’s perfect for individual bags of grab and go chips or pretzels.

If your pantry is the closet type with deep shelves, you’ll be much better off with bins that are lightweight. That way, your child can pull them out and set them on the floor or counter if need be. We’re big fans of these mesh bins because they’re super versatile but clear acrylic is a great choice as well.

Obviously, we have a theme going here. After school snacking can make or break your afternoons and being prepared with visible options is the way to go. Bins of every sort and size can keep all your food choices grouped together and hopefully will prevent any sort of tantrums, meltdowns or otherwise hangry behavior!