Stop! Don’t Get Rid Of Your Old T-Shirts

Want to Get Organized?

What?!? What’s that you say? I don’t have to declutter my t-shirt drawer?

What self respecting professional organizer would advise you not to get rid of old t-shirts that you don’t wear any more? Don’t donate them? Don’t throw them away? Don’t give them to a fabric recycling organization?

Nope! We have a better option for you. Turn those old, worn, beloved, sentimental t-shirts into a quilt that you can enjoy guilt free. It’s such a fantastic option because more than most of our clothes, t-shirts can really have a history that pulls at our heartstrings and it can be hard to let go. This way, you won’t have to get rid of them and they won’t take up all the space in your dresser drawers!

Full disclosure: All of the quilts pictured are made by my Aunt Jackie. She’s super talented and we can attest to the quality of her work and the care she will give to your precious t-shirts.

I touched base with her about some FAQs:

How many t-shirts are needed for the average quilt?

15-20 is ideal, though all of them may not make it into the final product. It’s great if I have a bunch to choose from so I can have some latitude with the design. If you have a few that you absolutely have to have in the quilt, I can obviously work with that.

How long will it take for the quilt to be made?

This very much depends on how many orders I’m processing. Because it’s a custom business, I can’t do anything in an assembly-line way. At certain times of the year, like graduation or Christmas, turn around is going to be longer and if orders aren’t in on time, I may not be able be able to get them done by a specific date. So if people are looking to give the quilt as a gift, I would definitely recommend planning ahead! For the most part, I try to aim for a 3-4 week turn around time.

What options are available in the final design?

Color and patterns for the areas of the quilt that aren’t made up of the t-shrits are somewhat flexible. I try to work with every customer to make sure their quilt is exactly what they want. Also, they have a choice of flannel or cotton on the back.

How big will the finished quilt be?

That depends on how many t-shirts will be in the quilt, but generally it will be a decent sized lap quilt, around 60inx60in.

How much do you charge?

$350 per quilt. If the client isn’t local to Cincinnati, they pay to ship the t-shirts to me and I pay to ship the finished quilt back.

What’s the best way for people to contact you?

They can DM me on my Instagram account @jack_of_all_threads_llc

This is one of our all time favorite solutions to the problem of clothes clutter. Imagine being able to take 20 t-shirts out of your working wardrobe without having to agonize about never seeing them again! Or maybe it’s not you, it’s your husband or your teenager. What a wonderful gift they could keep forever without you having to deal with the laundry! It’s a win win!!!!