Why You Should(n’t) Label

Want to Get Organized?

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To Label Or Not To Label, That Is The Question

Confused about the title of this post? That’s ok, labeling can be a confusing subject. Yes, we’re professional organizers and yes, there are times when we definitely do not recommend using labels. What?!! Yes! It’s true. Sometimes labels can make your life harder and that’s the opposite of our mission. We want to make everything easier for the families we work with, not complicate them with unneeded and unnecessary systems.

That being said, there are times when labels are super helpful and keep everyone in a home on the same page. The key is to think logically about how a bin or container will be used and to make your categories broad. The last thing you want is a basket labeled White Cotton Socks only to be annoyed when your husband puts in white wool socks. Life is too short for that kind of perfection!

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Photo: Done & Done Home

Examples Of Broad Categories

Below are some examples of categories that we think will work vs. ones that we think could potentially make it harder on you.

  • Sweet vs Chocolate Chips
  • Salty vs Peanuts
  • Chips vs Doritos
  • Tech vs Chargers
  • Entertaining vs Napkins
  • Winter Gear vs Mittens

The specificity depends on how you run your home. If you have a craft room with a ton of supplies, you may need to have smaller sub-categories. But if you have kids and a partner in a shared space, then broader just works better.

Photo: Done & Done Home – Labels made with the Cricut Joy

If you need more than labels to get your home in order, our Love Your Home Again course is just what you need! We guide you through every area of your home and give you all the tools you need to organized once and for all!

Our Favorite Labeling Products

After years and years of adding labels in our own homes and in the spaces of our clients, we’ve come to love certain products. We’ve rounded up some of our go-to’s in case you’re looking to label your life!

Cricut Joy

Brother P-Touch PTD210 Label Maker

Label Maker Tape

Bin Clips With Markers

Bin Clips For Bins, Baskets and Totes

Avery Business Cards

We use these business cards to fit our labels right in the bin clips and if your handwriting isn’t perfect you can print them straight from you computer!

So Should You Or Shouldn’t You?

Admittedly, some labels are for aesthetics only and we are completely on board with that! If you love the way your space looks, you’ll be more likely to keep it tidy.

But some labels really do help you and your family members to locate items, consistently put things back where they belong and make cleaning and organizing easier. If labels mean that you’ll have more time to spend with your kids, enjoying a hobby or spending time outdoors, then we say you absolutely should!

Photo: Done & Done Home