Working with Designers & Stagers

People love beautifully designed apartments and homes but they also love their stuff. That’s where we come in. As perfect as your designs are to begin with, we make sure that clients eliminate all unnecessary belongings to remove excess clutter and chaos from their homes so they only bring back things they use, need, love, and want into the finished space.

During installations, we can handle the unpacking to make sure everything is put away in its proper place.

For designers with a smaller team, we can also help with cleaners, handymen, junk haulers, art hangers, and any other service you may need to outsource.

When it comes to staging, we specialize in decluttering homes before they are staged for sale helping clients deal with what is staying, what is being stored, what can be sold, donated, or is garbage. We frequently work alongside realtors and stagers to make sure we can help bring their vision for the listing to life.