11 Inspirational Quotes For Trying Times

Want to Get Organized?

During trying times inspirational quotes may seem trite and shallow. But sometimes, wise words from someone you admire or from a stranger who lived long ago may strike just the right chord to make you feel connected.

We’ve rounded up eleven of our favorite quotes. Will they change the current state of the world? Umm, no. But they might motivate you to get your butt off the couch, put down the screen and call a friend, or declutter that junk drawer once and for all! So in no particular order…

“Whatever You Are Not Changing, You Are Choosing.” -Laurie Buchanan

The Little Things? The Little Moments? They Aren’t Little.” -Jon Kabat-Zinn

At Some Point You Must Go From “I Hate That I Have To…” to “I’m Blessed That I Get To…” – @brendonburchard

A Calm Sea Never Made A Skillful Sailor.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Being Humble Means Recognizing That We Are Not On Earth To See How Important We Can Become, But To See How Much Difference We Can Make In The Lives Of Others.” – Gordon B. Hinckley

“Life Is Not Always A Matter Of Holding Good Cards, But Sometimes, Playing A Poor Hand Well.” – Jack London

“What Is Done In Love, Is Done Well.” – Vincent Van Gogh

“Sometimes Your Circle Decreases In Size, But Increases In Value.” – unknown

“Whatever Is Good For Your Soul, Do That.” – Ernest Hemingway

“She Was An Adventurer At Heart; But Oh How She Loved Drinking This Tea From This Mug In This Chair. Oh How She Loved To Be Home.” – John Steinbeck

“Find Wonder And Beauty In All Things, My Dear, For This World Is Only As Ugly As You Permit It To Be.” – Becca Lee

Ok, and maybe just one more because a little humor is always necessary!

“A Day Without Coffee Is Like…Just Kidding, I Have No Idea.” – @woods&ivory