The Secret To Successful Decluttering

Want to Get Organized?

If you’re a client, follow us on Instagram, or if you’re planning on purchasing our course, there’s one thing you will hear on repeat…take everything out!

Whether you’re looking to simply organize a drawer or completely declutter your entire wardrobe, the first step is the same. Yep! Take everything out! There are three reasons why this is non-negotiable if you want to successfully declutter any area.

1.) You Need To Be Able To See All Of Your Possessions

One of the reasons stuff accumulates in our homes is because we literally don’t know what we own. Maybe you’re trying to go through that annoying, clanging, crowded bakeware cabinet. You’ve convinced yourself you only have 2 muffin tins because you only use two. But, lo and behold, when you pull everything out, you discover the additional mini muffin tin you never use (because honestly, mini muffins? Who are we kidding?). It’s essential to find all the things that get pushed into corners or hide in the dark recesses. Pull everything out!

a baking drawer with organized cookie sheets

2.) You Need To Physically Touch Each Item

The truth of the matter is that we have sentimental attachments to many of our things. If you’re standing in your closet flipping through your clothes, it’s easy to choose “keep” on an item you don’t want to deal with (what we call decisions deferred). That super expensive shirt you never wear? If you aren’t forced to look at it, hold it and try it on, then you’ll be able to easily scroll by as it sits happily on the hanger. If you really want to declutter a space, you must pull everything out!

3.) You Need To Identify Your Trouble Spots

Humans are creatures of habit. We tend to buy the same things over and over again. When you’re forced to pull everything out and place all of your possessions into categories, you’ll be able to quickly identify where your problem areas are. If you find you have ten pink lipsticks, but really only use one, seeing them all together in one place may be exactly the wake up call you need. But if they’re all rolling around in a drawer, you can fool yourself into thinking maybe you need just one more as you’re strolling down the cosmetics aisle. Pulling everything out keeps you honest!

It may seem like an easy thing to do, but it really does take effort. You’ll want to cut corners and tell yourself that it will take too much effort or that it doesn’t really make a difference. But we’re hear to tell you that after years and years of decluttering, the surest way to success is to…PULL EVERYTHING OUT!

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