How would you like to get out the door in the morning looking like a goddess in record time? What if the trickiest thing about primping for your big night was choosing the music to listen to while you groom?

We realize nobody really wants to clean out their bathroom but we promise that a couple of hours invested today will keep you on top of things for months to come.

Although the bathroom is the smallest room in most homes, its size has little to do with its importance. It’s a high-traffic area that’s difficult to keep clean and tidy. In order to make this small space work better for you there are some simple things you can do.

Everyone knows the first step to organizing any room is to throw away or donate the items you are no longer using. The question is, how to do this efficiently?

1. Group Like With Like

When organizing the bathroom, the easiest way is to spread a towel on the floor and then empty the contents of the medicine cabinet and drawers onto the towel. Group like with like so you can see how many lipsticks you really have and then decided which ones to keep and which ones to toss. Repeat this process with all groups: cosmetics, shampoo, cough and cold remedies, and pain relievers.

While everything is out of the cabinets and drawers, wipe them clean.

2. Now Where Should I Put This Stuff?

Take a look at everything you’ve decided to keep and ask yourself if each item or group needs to be in the bathroom. Many things that end up in the medicine cabinet would be better off in the kitchen where there is more storage space (especially cold remedies and pain relievers). Consider putting all the duplicates in a basket and moving them to the kitchen. Keep handy only the medicines you use daily or weekly.


3. Using Your Medicine Cabinet Wisely

Consider installing a large medicine cabinet with a mirror on the inside. If you have a little one above your sink this could make a huge difference in your morning routine.

The larger cabinet allows space for the daily grooming items. The inside mirror eliminates that irritating practice of opening and closing the medicine cabinet in order to see your reflection.

Inside the cabinet, keep only the items in constant use and make sure there is easy access to those items. Put cotton balls, q-tips, toothbrushes, and other small tools in open jars or cups on the shelves.

Or perhaps consider adding a magnetic strip on the inside of the medicine cabinet door to hold tweezers, nail clippers, and scissors.

4. Baskets and Bins

Often the storage in bathrooms is hard to access. The area below the sink is often so deep and dark that things go missing. When there is a closet with shelves, those shelves are often hard to keep tidy.

In order to make the whole bathroom function better, get a set of baskets and place each group in it’s own basket. Keep the hair dryer with the brushes and the straightener.  Use another bin for the cleaning supplies and paper towel. Perhaps place the toilet paper in another and keep it towards the front so guests can easily find a spare roll.


5. Think Vertically

Use the space above the toilet for an extra shelf or two. This is a great place to keep clean towels.

A shelf like this chrome beauty is especially handy because the ends of the shelves stick out enough to hang four damp towels until they dry enough to be refolded and put over the hanging rod.

Now that you’ve completed your bathroom organizing project why not treat yourself to a bit of nature to remind you how beautiful it looked when you finished? Perhaps an orchid or maybe a green plant looks right to you?

And now that your counters and ledges are clean and clear, maybe bring in a pretty candle and light it for your well-earned soak.

When it comes to beauty, Done & Done NYC consider an organized bathroom to be the foundation of a high-functioning woman’s life, so go get started.

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