What to Store and What Not To

Want to Get Organized?

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Interviewed by By Katherine Gonzalez at MakeSpace


 What services does Done and Done NYC offer?

Done and Done NYC is an organizing company that specializes in moves and functional family spaces. We do everything from basic de-cluttering and closet clean outs to entire estate sales with a large portion of our business coming from packing and unpacking moves in the tri-state area.

Why is it important for people to organize their living spaces?

In order for a persons life to function properly they must be able to get through each part of their day in a efficient fashion. When everything from your clothes to your kitchen drawers works seamlessly your life will function better. Though it takes money to hire an organizer to help you get organized, once you are living a highly functional life you are able to not only work, but to live, more effectively.

Getting organized is a daunting task. What’s your advice to people starting to get their homes in order?

Our biggest piece of advice for someone just starting out is to not overwhelm themselves. It is best to give yourself a small task to do each day. If your first project is your entire attic you will likely get overwhelmed, give up, and not come back to it for a long time.

What household items should be stored, and when?

The only household items we advice storing are pieces of furniture that you truly love and will use again (or can give to a family member later) and holiday items such as seasonal decorations and ornaments because you know where they are and will definitely go get them when that time of year rolls around again.

What clothing items should be stored, and when?

We advice our clients to do a seasonal switch over to make their working wardrobes more efficient. You don’t need bathing suits in January or cashmere sweaters in June. You can keep one or two of each of these items around in case of travel but other than that they can be stored. We also tell our clients it is okay to store things that are used for specific events or sports such as ski pants and ski boots or a very formal dresses that you would go looking for to wear to an event.

What are the single most important items to store?

Large items that take up too much space in a NYC apartment such as skies, snowboards, furniture that children have grown out of (like cribs) that might be used again by a family member, and seasonal related things (artificial Christmas trees, decorations, etc).
What are storage options that you prefer to use at Done and Done NYC?

All the storage that we used is owned and operated by the moving companies we work with such as Moishes Moving, Liffey, and also have used Sophia Storage on the Upper West Side.

Do you have any “storage strategies” that you can share?

It is our feeling that de-cluttering your entire living space every 6 months as well as your storage every year is the only way to really stay on top of the problem. Organization is a very real thing that takes time, effort, and sometimes money but if you desire to live in a small apartment it is something that must be dealt with.

What’s your favorite storage product that you’re using right now?

We love SpaceBags for keeping clothes dust free when switching over seasons as well as any solid bin with a lid that can be labeled easily. The Container Store is great for things like that.

Storage has a reputation for being out of sight and ugly. How can storage still be used to convey personality and aesthetic taste?

There are items that are great for household storage that aren’t unattractive and are actually quiet functional. Ottomans with storage inside them are remarkably useful and bins inside a cabinet don’t have to be plain or ugly. You can get bright colored bins that suit your style and still keep everything organized.

How much time should someone allocate to truly get themselves organized and store all necessary items?

How much time you need really depends on how much stuff you have. Some people don’t have a lot of items and therefore organizing and storing is very simple. Also, people who keep up on it annually have to put much less time into it. If things have gotten out of control, and especially if there is a lot of paper involved, it will take much longer. The best way to reduce time is to stay on top of it and keep your closets as well as storage spaces functioning well.