5 Ways To Use A Lazy Susan

Want to Get Organized?

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An Ode To Susan

Remember back in the day when Lazy Susans used to sit in the middle of the kitchen table? Salt and pepper shakers, maybe some napkins and a bud vase with a plastic rose for decoration? Remember they were made of faux wood and were functional, sure, but stylish? Not so much. Yeah, we remember those sad days too. Poor underutilized, misunderstood Susan. She knew she had more to offer the world, but she just couldn’t break out of the kitchen table mold.

Enter Lazy Susan 2.0

1.) The Darling of the Pantry Scene

A bold multi-talented gal with so much more to offer than just a salt and pepper merry-go-round. You can still find her in the kitchen…but look at her shine in the pantry!

Conquering awkward corners with silicone grips while simultaneously holding condiments, spices and snacks. No more knocking over boxes of crackers and jars of pasta sauce while trying to reach the little can of tuna lost in the farthest reaches of deep dark shelves. Impressive!

pantry with bins, lazy susan and baskets
Photo:Done and Done Home

2.) The Fancy Fridge

No pantry? No worries…check out Susan in the fridge! Juice, condiments and salad dressings can all be contained making your refrigerator a veritable fortress of well organized nutrition. No more tossing expired food lost behind the milk or shoved to the back of your refrigerator. Lazy Susan is so amazing she can even save you money! Need more tips for an organized fridge? Check out our food prep post.

fridge with lazy susans containing condiments
Photo:Kitchensbynancy via Instagram

Nobody Keeps Susan in the Kitchen

3.) The Make-Up Maven

Check out her stylish finish and high sides in the bathroom. She can hold your make-up brushes, lipsticks, eye pencils and mascaras without even breaking a sweat. She’s fancy enough to sit on the counter displaying all your pretty cosmetics but sturdy enough to hold your lotions, potions and perfumes.

4.) Under Sink Storage

under sink storage with a lazy susan filled with toothpaste and cosmetics
Photo:Done&DoneHome via Instagram

Does the space under your sink make you cringe? Do you have to wade through boxes of garbage bags and rolls of toilet paper to get to cleaning supplies or backstock? Susan to the rescue! Keep your rags, sponges and containers of disinfecting wipes corralled and ready to go! Locate your extra bottles of shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste at a moments notice. Under sink storage can be tricky but Susan’s got your back.

5.) The Office Manager

Oh! The office, don’t forget the office! Just imagine what Susan can do with pens, pencils, scissors, and paper clips! Your desk drawers don’t have to be supply warehouses. Put Susan to work and all of the little odds and ends rolling around in your drawer can be contained.

There is no space too big, too small, too cluttered or too out of control. Susan can make so many areas of your home organized, workable and stress free. The only thing left to consider is…why is she called Lazy?!?