An Ode To Your Abode

Holidays, Want to Get Organized?

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Happy Valetine’s Day to You and Your Home!

Love is in the air and social media is full of all things Valentine’s Day! And while we truly love a good chocolate post or gift guide, this year we decided to take things in a different direction.

Our expertise is in home efficiency. So while we can’t tell you how to make your boyfriend more attentive or how to get your husband to stop chewing so loudly, we can teach you how to fall in love with your surroundings.

What Makes A House A Home?

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There are so many words that define the places where we live. Apartment, condo, rental, and house all describe the physical structures that contain our belongings. But none of these words accurately express the way we feel when we think of home.

Home is a feeling not a place. A house is where we live with our children; a home is where we lovingly tuck them in at night. An apartment is where we return after a long day’s work; a home is where our dog eagerly greets us at the door.

One of the reasons we get homesick is because we miss all the ways in which our homes make us feel. Yes, you may truly love your farmhouse sink, but that’s not what you miss when you’ve been out of town for work. Personally, we have lived in city apartments, both big and small, suburan houses and now the two family house where we live together. But the one thing they all have in common is the feelings they evoke.

When A House Doesn’t Feel Like Home

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Unfortunately, we’re also familiar with the flip side of these feelings. We are often called into houses that don’t feel like homes because they are full of stuff that is causing stress. An overfull closet doesn’t serve anyone if clothing isn’t accessible. Or a garage that is unusable because of old sports equipment or boxes is a waste of good real estate.

To us, it is never about how fancy, big or tricked out a place is. We have been in tiny apartments that exude feelings of warmth and abundance. We have also been in giant houses that are full of stress and disorder. Our job is to pinpoint the areas that aren’t working and create systems to make things run smoothly.

How To Make Your House A Home

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So what’s the secret to creating a home you love? The very first step is to find gratitude. Look around you. For now, try to ignore the piles of laundry or the dated kitchen cabinets. Instead, search for one area that makes you truly happy. It doesn’t have to be an Instagram worthy pantry or a state of the art bathroom. Maybe it’s the awesome sign you found at the flea market that you hung above your mantel. Or perhaps it’s your bed that is made up with nice clean, crisp sheets and your favorite decorative pillows.

These details are where you will fall in love with your home. Yes, a complete kitchen reno might be a dream come true, but that is probably not going to happen today. So just take a moment to find a spot that makes you happy and gives you a feeling of comfort. Appreciate what you already have, even if it isn’t worthy of Instagram, and focus on that.

As For The Areas That Don’t Feel Like Home…

Start small. Find projects that you can do in 10 minute increments. Commit to letting go of a few things in your closet or get rid of expired food in your pantry. Your objective is to turn your physical space, the brick and mortar, into so much more. With some focus and gratitude, your house will become home.

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