My Make Up and Skin Care Regimen

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Kate Pawlowski

minimalist makeup on blush background
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Morning Skin Care Routine

Being a working mom who runs my own business means that time is my most valuable commodity. Getting out the door on time every day is no easy feat. Between feeding a toddler, preparing the sitter, making my own lunch (eating vegan on the go is impossible) and getting everything I need for the office, mornings can be chaotic to say the least.

The best solution I’ve found to keep my own sanity is to have streamlined and efficient systems. And when it comes to my skin care and make up regimen, less is definitely more. I have had the good fortune to have pretty clear skin my whole life. Therefore, I’m able to keep the products I use to a minimum. The cornerstone philosophy at Done & Done is Owning Well®, and I intentionally practice this when it comes to skin care. I buy high quality brands and only keep what works for me. But as I’ve gotten older, the system of simply washing my face and moisturizing isn’t cutting it.

Love this moisturizer, especially in the winter!

Coincidentally, while I was trying to figure out which brands would work best, I was helping a client organize her bathroom full of wonderful high-end skin care products. She recommended the May Lindstrom line and I’m so glad she did! I spent more money than I normally would, but I told my mom that if anyone complemented me, I would know it was working. Because while my skin has typically been fine, it has never gotten me any compliments.

Within a few weeks, I had gotten multiple compliments and a random Instagram poll showed that people were more interested in my skin care regimen than anything else! How’s that for results?!

May Lindstom Products

So of all the products I’ve tried by May Lindstrom – I like these three the best! And one of my favorite things about them, besides the INCREDIBLE packaging, is that they aren’t too floral smelling – they smell like the earth which makes me think they’re good for me!

Black bottle of May Lindstrom the pendulum potion

picture of a small black container of May Lindstrom the blue cocoon

For my entire life I have used basic face washes thinking that squeaky clean was best – not true! The Pendulum Potion is a cleansing oil that leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished.

After every cleansing or treatment, I used a small amount of The Blue Cocoon which is the most amazing thing I have ever used in my life! I swear it’s magical and besides leaving my skin feeling silky smooth, it helps to calm and heal everything from bug bites to post-surgery scars, hemorrhoids to razor burn, cradle cap to shingles to nail infections! And when you have a cold – right up the nose it goes for instantaneous relief. 

And last but not least, The Youth Dew! This facial serum works it’s magic by being massaged into fully wet skin, morning and night, immediately after cleansing. It’s packed with vitamins and antioxidants and has saved my skin this winter!

My Make Up Routine

When I was in high school, I learned about The Five Minute Face. My friends always gave me a hard time for making sure I had make up on before I left the house. But honestly, when my face is made up, I feel more confident. Especially these days, when sleep is at a minimum (see our Insta stories about James’s wake up time) and dark circles are a daily occurrence, a little boost to the old self esteem never hurts!

I keep my routine extremely simple with Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer or her silk cream foundation.

Then I apply Yves Saint Laurent concealer under my eyes, followed by Benefit Hoola bronzer, Hervana blush and mascara.

On occasion, I add black liquid eyeliner and sometimes eye shadow, but that’s pretty rare.

make up collage with dark background
My daily go-to’s!

That’s it! So even though I won’t leave home without some makeup on, it’s really low-key and simple. I have definitely found that spending the extra money on high quality products is worth it.

Additionally, keeping what I buy to a minimum not only works better for my skin but keeps my morning routine running smoothly. I never have to search for a bottle or tube and all of that makes getting out the door just a little bit easier. And I’ll take all the help I can get!

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