Want to Get Organized?

It’s difficult to decide what we like most about the brand Reformation.

It could be the whimsical, sexy twists on classic designs. It could be the fact that they measure carbon emissions and water, so you know exactly how earth friendly your purchase is. It definitely could be their reasonable prices and high quality fabrics.

Let’s start from the beginning. Done & Done Home is a team of professional organizers that are kind of obsessed with clothes. We think that it is our interest in style and fashion, versus a compulsive need to get rid of everything, that makes us particularly good at our job. We propose that the answer to the clutter problem is not getting rid of everything and starting over, it’s learning how to buy the right things, so you don’t have so many of them.

We call this Owning Well™. When one is practicing the principles of Owning Well, they are choosing items thoughtfully, taking great care of them, and keeping them for a long time.

We noticed Reformation initially for the brand’s fantastic designs. They are clean, classic, a little ‘90’s. They use floral prints abundantly and very well.  Their pieces are current without being overly trendy. They excel in the sophisticated muted tones New Yorkers love, letting us wear color without seeming overly enthusiastic.

One of the reasons Kate and Ann came up with Owning Well is they saw how much clothing, housewares, rugs, and art people tend to throw out. The catch-22 is that it certainly doesn’t help to hang onto things you don’t want or need. So how do we get rid of things without burdening our lovely planet with our refuse?

Reformation is doing a pretty great job of figuring that out. The brand launched RefRecyling, the “easiest way for you to recycle all those clothes you probably shouldn’t wear again for reuse.” So, when you buy something from Reformation, they will include in your package a free RefRecyling shipping label. So unpack and hang your new clothes, and stuff that shipping box full of clothes you don’t wear anymore. They will send it to Community Recycling, which will insure that your pieces are recycled properly or made into something beautiful.

Feeling like it couldn’t get any better? It does.

Reformation educates their customers on how most carbon emissions related to clothing occur after you take it home. Read hear for their amazing tips on how to cut down on your footprint while also taking great care of your clothes.

Needless to say, this chic brand gets our Owning Well Stamp of Approval. (Actual real-life stamp to be made soon, DON’T you worry).

Thanks for all your hard work, Ref. Keep it up.

Love, Kate + Ann