Eco-Friendly Fall Decor

Want to Get Organized?

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Now that September has arrived, our thoughts are turning to all things Fall. It may be a little early, but we’re defenseless against pumpkin spice latte recipes and adorable Pinterest mantles. We’re itching to make the change to our Fall decor and bringing on all the hygge, regardless of the fact that it’s still 90 degrees outside!

But the more we work with our clients, the more we’re inspired to make changes in our own lives. We see so much stress surrounding material possessions. People and the planet are drowning in all the things we buy and then no longer want. We have some tips to make seasonal decorating fun and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Declutter First!

The first and most important step before pulling out your Fall decor is to put away any summer decorations you have displayed. (You can read our post Holiday Decoration Storage if you need some tips on the best way to store your decorations). Adding items to a room before making space for them is going to make it feel cluttered. After you’ve done that, and you have a clean palette to work with, the sky’s the limit.

If you need decluttering tips, check out our dedicated course, here to organize and declutter your home in 3 days or less.

5 Eco-Friendly Decorating Tips

1.) Less Is More

The less you have, the less that will get thrown away. How many times have you pulled out a bin full of last years decorations and thought to yourself, “why did I buy this?” We’ve all fallen victim to seasonal sales and Dollar Store DIY’s, but those items are rarely timeless. If you’re intentional about what you buy, and only buy what you truly love, then you’ll be thrilled every year when you open up your decorating bins. You don’t necessarily need a huge amount of decor to make your home feel festive. A few well placed pumpkins may be all you need!

A mini mercury glass pumpkin we really really love and would buy intentionally!

2.) Ditch The Plastic

Speaking of pumpkins…go real! Plastic pumpkins may seem like the right choice because they can be used year after year, but eventually you’ll throw them out. Real pumpkins easily last through the season and can be composted when you switch to your winter decorations. You can carve them, of course, but if you want to make them last even longer, consider alternate ways of decorating. We love this temporary tattoo method from Martha Stewart!

white decorated pumpkins on a black background
Photo: Jonelle Jones

3.) Use Nature

Don’t limit yourself to just pumpkins. Fall offers all kinds of amazing natural options. Bright leaves, interesting foliage, pine cones and acorns can all be used in your Fall decor. Bringing the outdoors in can transform your home without buying products you’ll have to store and care for. Even if you don’t have access to these items, there are plenty of places that sell them.

4.) Decorate With Food

While summer is known for it’s bumper crop of amazing fruits and vegetables, Fall isn’t far behind. Giant bowls of multi-colored apples are a beautiful focal point in the kitchen. Or add baskets of mini gourds and winter squash in every room for a bit of Fall color. And never forget… candy! This may be something to do closer to Halloween, but once the Fall-colored wrapped chocolates make their way into the candy aisle, you’ll have instant decor!

glass vases filled with candy corn and candles
Woman’s Day Halloween Hurricane Lamps via Pinterest

5.) Free Fall Printables

So many bloggers have amazing free printables for every occasion and season. You can use picture frames you already own and switch out images to match your seasonal decor. Not only is this an eco-friendly option, it’s also about as budget friendly as you can get!

fall decor of an owl in a frame
Free printable from

Enjoy The Season!

We really can’t wait to bust out our bins and get decorating! Celebrating the changing of seasons shouldn’t feel like a chore. A bin or two full of cherished items that you’ve been looking forward to opening can become a cherished tradition. And if you’re thoughtful and conscientious about how you decorate, you can also do it guilt free!