Holiday Decorating Simplified

Want to Get Organized?

Christmas tree with ornament

Do you need to simplify your holiday decorations? Does the idea of pulling out all those boxes and bins make you feel like a Scrooge? With Christmas and Hanukkah a mere two weeks away, you likely already have your decorations up. But if time got away from you and you need a few quick ideas to get in the holiday spirit, this is the post for you!

We took some photos from around Ann’s house to show you that you don’t have to have thousands of decorations to make your home feel festive. Some carefully placed pops of color can transform your mood in an instant!

holiday dish towels in a drawer
Photo: Done & Done Home

Holiday Dishes

Our first and most important tip is…go all in! Carefully box up your everyday dishes and put them away for the entire holiday season. Then pull out all of your decorative china and use it. Don’t try to piecemeal a couple of Christmas dishes here and a few Santa mugs there. It will just cause you aggravation in the long run.

Christmas dishes in a cabinet
Photo: Done & Done Home

Add Fresh Flowers

If dishes aren’t your thing and you really just need something simple to add to the atmosphere, think flowers. There are many seasonal varieties that will transform your room in an instant. Wintergreen boughs, poinsettias, and amaryllis are all good choices. And, of course, red roses feel fancy year round.

Additionally, flowers are a great hostess gift and won’t add to the potential clutter of holiday consumerism. If you’re looking for other gift ideas, you can find some thoughtful tips in our Holiday Gift Guide.

a holiday table set with dishes and flowers
Photo: Done & Done Home

Make It Cozy

Decorating can go wrong quickly when you try to add in too much. Here you can see that literally just a few changes transformed Ann’s bedroom. She added some colorful throws and a couple of decorative pillows for a simple yet festive feel.

Before and After photos of a holiday decorated bedroom
Photo: Done & Done Home

And James wouldn’t have it any other way!

a small boy in a Christmas decorated bed
Photo: Done & Done Home

Don’t let expectations of perfection ruin your enjoyment of the holidays. You don’t have to have fancy lights and yards of garland to make your home holiday ready. Use our tips to keep things simple and festive!

And if you need our help getting your home decluttered and organized for the holidays, see our course which can help you, here.